Monday, March 8


I love quotes. They just seem to express exactly what I am thinking in very few words! This is the one I really felt today. I just feel that we are such a nation of "it's not my fault, not my responsibility". I am in no way a fool to believe that things were always "BETTER" in the past but I do believe that some family values have been lost over time.

Such as, respecting each other and our elderly, caring for your neighborhood, and those around you. (I am not going into detail about my neighbor who seems to think his trash in my yard is OK!)

Raising our children to be responsible for their actions. I am a substitute teacher and I am here to tell you that the children of today have no idea what it means to be responsible for their actions.

Then again why should they after all somewhere out there is a lawyer who will find 10 reasons it isn't their fault. Let me just stop on that topic right now...I have very little respect for our legal system as a whole. And someday whey I have a great deal of time I will get into my reasons. Responsibility for actions being a huge one!

So having said all that here is the quote that touched me today I hope you enjoy it!

"In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die, and the choices that we make are ultimately our responsibility. "--Eleanor Roosevelt


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