Sunday, June 20

Alabama Sports Festival

The girls competed in the Alabama Sports Festival this past weekend. I was so proud of them. They have worked hard. Alyssa received a Silver medal in Forms and Sparring and Lindsey received a Silver Medal in forms and a Bronze in sparring.

Here are some pictures. The first one is Alyssa getting her silver medal in Sparring. She didn’t want to take a lot of pictures with my digital because the flash is really bright. So when I get the 35mm pictures developed I’ll post more.

Alyssa Silver
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This is Lindsey doing her form. She was really working it.

Lin doing forms
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Lin again forms
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Here is Lindsey waiting for her score. She was worried but she did very well.

Waiting for score

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This is probably going to be lin’s last year competing in sparring. She is a lot smaller then the other girls in her age and belt class and she just had a hell of a time getting in there to make any contact. In her last match the girl hit her once in the chest and knocked her 2 feet. So we called it. I don’t want her getting hurt.

Poor kid got Rob’s family’s short genes!


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