Monday, September 19

Where The Hell Is She?

I know where has she been?( Yes I know she is me…geez)

Well now lets see where do I start?

Well, Wednesday and Thursday are a blur. No really I can’t remember a damn thing about those two days except this….all I wanted was to crawl into bed and sleep.

Friday was stressful and a bit scary, as are all days that involve ER visits with your child. Poor Alyssa this child has no luck at all. If it is possible and not often heard of she will get it and lets not forget “the dad is deployed what else could happen?” factor!

It all starts Tuesday, and for those of you keeping track yes that was the last day I updated. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Alyssa started her (whispering so she can’t hear me and just die that I am telling you all this) cycle, I noticed she had the hiccups and honestly didn’t pay any more attention to it. She complained about some cramping and other PMS things. (Listen if you don’t get the other PMS things comment you probably don’t or will you every have PMS and hell you don’t need to know.) Gave her some Motrin and a few other little female remedies to fix her up. I believe one was the ”Listen sister, you’re preaching to the choir on the it’s not fair why do I have to have it thing ok. If god where a woman MEN would have it! Can I get a AMEN” speech.

Move on to Friday.

In the morning she mention and I mean briefly that she had the hiccups again. Off to school we went. I picked her up after school and on the ride home I noticed her entire abdomen area was jumping. I asked her what was going on and she said she had the hiccups. I was a bit worried but it was just the hiccups. Ok, no need to be an over protective mom now.

A short time later I noticed her abdomen was still jumping but there was no hiccup sound. I asked her if she was ok she said yes just tired. She and Lindsey wanted to go skating so I said ok. A night to myself! What will I do?

I’ll tell you what worry about Alyssa. My friend Andrea’ came by and we were going to go to another teachers house for drinks and food. I mentioned to her about Alyssa and we decided to stop by the skating rink to check on her and to make sure I wasn’t being an over protective mom.

Just for the record here….Lindsey was mortified we showed up. Ok so that ended up being perk LOL!

We watch Alyssa with her friends by now her whole body moves…not like a hiccup more like an involuntary tick or seizure. We decided and quick I need to call the advice nurse and get some info. They say take her to the ER (Yeah like I hadn’t already planned that)

Take her in and to make this a bit shorter. …Alyssa’s diaphragm was having spasms to the tune of about 20 a minute. The doctor said it this way ” Imagine your body doing crunches non stop for hours and you’ll have an idea how she was feeling.”. They took blood, x-rays,and urine. It was what he called a case of the hiccups run-a-muck the cause too much air in her stomach and intestines. Once things started to go wrong they went very wrong and nothing was doing what is should. So they gave her some IV meds and at first is just made her so emotional. Then she smiled and went to sleep. After about 30 minutes she started to pass gas and her stomach started to slow down.

By 2:30 am she was well enough to come home. She slept most of Saturday and Sunday, moving as if she had just ran a marathon. I spent most of Saturday in bed with a horrible headache. Partially caused by lack of sleep (I must have checked on her 10 times)and part sinus.

Sunday was a day of rest and study day since I had a test tonight in class.

So there you have it.

I did learn that farting is REALLYnecessary and that no matter how big they seem to be getting when they are laying in a hospital bed with an IV in crying they are still YOUR BABY and you just want to fix it!!!! NOW DAMMIT!!


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