Monday, March 8

Including Ashley

What do you think?

I work with “Special Needs Children” as a matter of fact I taught speech today and several of my students were “special” their needs ranging from mild to serve. And I cannot tell you how rewarding it is when you hear them say just one syllable.

Personally, I think there is a very good side to “Inclusion” not just for the special needs children but also for the regular Ed children. I think it teaches children not to be afraid of others with Down syndrome, Autism, and Asperger’s just to mention a few of the syndromes there are. It also teaches the special Ed children that regular Ed students are warm, loving and willing to learn about them.

It strikes me as a great lesson giving both groups for children the opportunity to see how each other works and to experience all differences they have as well as all of the similarities. Yes I said similarities after all most 6, 7, 8, and 9 years olds are the same in spirit. You can count on that I see it every day!


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