Thursday, October 28

There's A Wocket In My Pocket

I love Dr. Seuss books. I mention this because this morning my life resembled what could be a new title for a Dr. Seuss book!

"There's A Mouse In My House!"

I was ironing my shirt for work this morning when Günter who is always by my side (and I mean ALWAYS as in “ Günter go lay down so I can pee alone!”) out of nowhere goes flying across the dining room and starts whining, and scratching at something under the dry sink, it is T-minus 3 min before we walk out the door for school.

Lindsey walks in the room her eyes get huge and starts screaming “ WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IT?????????”

I scream “ What is what?” she points down by my feet, and dear god I look down thinking (“please don’t let it be a huge spider please god!”) and it is a damn mouse!

Günter starts running after the mouse as it runs into the kitchen…Lindsey jumps on the computer chair screaming ” Kill it, Kill it!!!”

Alyssa runs in starts yelling ” No it’s a mouse. Can I have it as a pet? Mom don’t let him kill it I want it!!”(Like that is going to happen!But she can dream.) I’m yelling for everyone to stop yelling as I run behind Günter to see where the mouse goes.

Then Günter has it cornered and...

I make him sit and mouse gets away.

I just couldn’t let him kill it can you imagine the mess that would have made and who would have had to clean that? You got it me!

Have I every mentioned how weak my stomach is? It is safe to say that cleaning mouse guts off the kitchen cabinet would have made me ill to say the least.

I left for school 5 minutes late thank you very much Stuart Little!

All mouse busters are booked till Monday so, Stuart Little has till Monday at 3:30pm to surrender peacefully in the humane mousetraps I bought and get set free or, deal with the mouse busters Monday!

I am hoping he is a reasonable kind of mouse and will surrender.

I can't help but wonder what else will happen in this new comic series called " Rob's Gone and Gail Is Home Alone".

I do know there are 369 more days for us to find out!


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