Sunday, June 27

So much Violence

Please tell my heart it can beat again. Breath Gail just breath.

Today is such a stressful day and I until things are settled in Iraq it will continue. I was doing fine till I saw the news updates. Thank god read it on line and the girls can’t hear it.

I was talking on the phone with "The Food Whore" and this pops upReport: Marine Seized and my heart stops beating then I see Israeli Army Base in Gaza Attacked and I just stop breathing for a sec. Without warning I just started crying.

At first it think it was out of relief that it wasn't a base in Saudi where Rob is then out of pure sorrow for the families of these servicemen. I know there is nothing that I can say that will remove the pain they will now endure. I wish there was.

I pray nightly for peace in Iraq. I pray that the people get to see how wonderful freedom is, that their children will grow and be happy and not live in fear.

At the same time I pray that for my children. I pray their father stays safe and returns to us unharmed. I pray that the tears, nightmares, and sleepwalking that have taken over what use to be peaceful night in our house will soon end.

I pray for the safe return of my friend’s husbands in Iraq and the Middle East. They have been gone a long time and the stress on them and their families has been tremendous.

I’m afraid things are going to so much harder the next few weeks for us all. The closer June 30th gets the move violent it will get.


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