Sunday, November 21

Daddy’s Is My Hero

I had meant to post this sooner but things here have been a bit busy.

At our elementary school every year there is a very big assembly in honor of our Veterans. Students are asked to write about a veteran in their family and then a few are chosen for the honor of reading their letter at the assembly.

The veteran they are writing about is asked to attend. It is always a very touching program. This year 2 of the letters chosen were written by children whose parent is currently in the Middle East. One was from a very proud and handsome 2nd grade boy whose dad is in Afghanistan. The other was Lindsey’s.

This is Lindsey’s letter:

“To anybody my dad might just be a normal dad but to me he’s more than that he’s my hero. My dad is a veteran and an active duty soldier. My dad served in Desert Storm and has been in the Army for 21 years. That’s pretty long to me! Right now he is serving our country in Saudi Arabia.

My dad is my hero because he is serving in the Army. He is also my hero because since he’s been gone I’ve learned how much I appreciate him and what he does.

I really miss my dad and can’t wait for him to come home. I still talk on the phone and write to him but it’s not the same. I really miss Saturday nights when my dad would take me to the movies, or to baseball, hockey, or football games.

I think that the Army runs in my family because my dad is a veteran, my pepere is a veteran, and my great grandfathers were veterans. Just incase your wondering pepere is French for grandfather.

My dad lives alone in Saudi Arabia. Sometimes I think I would be way to lonely alone, of course my dad is lonely but he gets to sleep at night I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep all alone .I don’t know how he cooks because he really didn’t know how to cook when he lived here. I think he makes that heat up dinners!

My dad will be home in November of 2005. I don’t count how long we have to go I count how long it’s been because that way it seems like he’s coming home sooner.

I miss him very much and I hope he stays safe so he can come home to us.”

By the time Lindsey and the little boy were done reading their letters there was not a dry eye in the house. I have never cried so much at school as I did that day. I was also so very proud of Lin.

The next day there were a few notes in my box at school. Many told me how wonderful they thought Lindsey's letter was. They all touched my heart.


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