Friday, July 22

Are You Sure This Is My House? Shit!

Wondering where I have been?

I have been cleaning my bathroom I am the worlds messiest painter. In our tub area there was a strip because people are lazy fucks and didn’t take the time to RECAULK to tub instead they just place plastic strips down…quick fix…why do it right! RIGHT!

Here is why and this is your warning it’s disgusting:

Can you say gross!!!!
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Hours of my life cleaning the nastiest shit but finally it's clean. I ended up sick last night...between my asthma, my allergy to mold, and the cleaning stuff I had to use to kill and clean it...last night was not good. Yes I did use gloves and a mask. Momma didn’t raise a complete fool.
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Yeah anyway …more good news are you ready?

To bad I wasn’t ready when I heard it either so here it is.

I have had to use the girls bathroom since mine is under construction. Well I kept noticing these little white specks on the floor…vacuumed them I figured the girls had knocked something over and didn’t vacuum it….then the next day there were back…I look up and see this.

sorry it is so blurry...did I ever mention my fear of heights...needed a ladder for this picture and my hand was a bit shaky.
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So I think humm not good ….walk around the house and notice the termite bate traps are not so busy…and one has a cover missing. Call my pest control….tell them I think I have a problem could they check it out.

This is what they found.

yes this is my newly painted wall in the girls bathroom...and yes those are termites. Bastards!!
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yet more pretty pictures…

upper part of the wall.
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Seems they have eaten parts on the upper and lower wall, and the spot in the ceiling. BASTARDS!

There is good news…we have a termite bond (Thank God I married a smart and Anal man…he is now forgiven for then mildew above!) So they will come and kill the little fuckers, of course to do that they will have to CUT a hole in Alyssa’s wall…another room I just freaking painted and so two rooms will have to repainted. Nice…but at least it won’t cost us anymore then some inconvenience and the tears I sat down and cried this morning when is saw the damage.

Yeah I see the other half of that bottle of wine going it really bad to drink alone? Oh hell I will go and drink with the termites, I won't be drinking alone and I can taunt them "Your going to get yours your little bastards!! I have special plans for you, here have another drink!"


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