Wednesday, November 23

Gone Again

Rob left Sunday....we are back to being alone...and phone calls. Very soon hopefully he will be home for good and stay home.


Blogger Homefront Six said...

So you got just a taste (yes, that pun was intended...). Soon he will be home for GOOD!!!!

- hfs

6:18 PM, November 23, 2005  
Blogger colleen said...

keep the faith that things will be OK

11:55 PM, November 23, 2005  
Anonymous Lina said...

I hope the time goes by as quickly as possible for all of you. Enough is enough already. You're in my thoughts.

1:17 AM, November 24, 2005  
Anonymous Valerie said...

Gail, I sure hope it happens soon.

Lina, its good to know you are still around. I've been thinking of you.

1:43 PM, November 26, 2005  

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