Saturday, April 8

Wind, Rain and Hail?

Yesterday was a weather day here, we had some serious storms pass through. They closed school at 1pm, honestly we could have completed the day but I understand the precaution.

The really bad weather didn't come through till about 6:30pm but once it arrived it was serious. I was really worrying about mom and dad since most of the bad weather seemed to be headed towards them (they live in the northern area of town). Then another storm came through right behind it and headed for us (we live southern area of town).

It hit fast and hard with wind,down pours,and hail. Nothing like sitting in a closet listening to hail hit your house. It was loud and frightening! As the hail hit reports of a tornado just north of us was being announced. We just sat listening for the rumble...thank god all we heard was lightening.

Once it was all over I went and snapped a few photos:
This is the back yard about 20 min after the hail fell, we waited for the rain to slow down and the news to say we could come out, by this time the hail had already started to melt. Imagine how large it was when it fell.

another of the backyard

Here I am holding two balls of hail

This was a major storm. Here are more photos take from other areas that this storm passed through:

Storm Gallery 1
Storm Gallery 2
Storm Gallery 3

In all we were very fortunate no one was hurt and we were all safe together.


Anonymous Sparky said...


Did you get any damage from it ?
We were suppose to have bad weather here but it went south of us.
Thank GOD you all are ok.

8:52 AM, April 09, 2006  
Blogger Gail said...

We had damage to the truck from the hail but other then that the house was fine.

2:49 PM, April 09, 2006  
Blogger colleen said...

Isn't quality time in a closet "wondeful" I did it with aferret and 2 cats the ohter 2 wouldn't comee out from under my bed ..I guess they're didtant realatives of Toto

9:51 PM, April 09, 2006  
Blogger Gail said...

Oh yes nothing like hanging out in a VERY SMALL closet on a Friday night.

10:00 PM, April 09, 2006  
Blogger Julie said...

What a way for your parents to acclimate to Alabama. I can't wait for Skippy to experience the whole Alarm and pummeling and winds and trains, the poor boy with have a stroke. He can't handle an 11lb, 2 month old puppy, how's he gunna handle a tornado???
Maybe Dad can build him a safe room under ground.

11:53 AM, April 12, 2006  
Blogger shinyruby said...

wowser, that is some big hail you've got there!!!

8:26 PM, April 19, 2006  

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