Friday, August 25

It's Been A Week!

I know you can tell school is back in since I don't update as much. I
am working on a routine and hopefully I will be able to update more. That and get my house back to organized. It is so messy it drives me nuts just to be in it and I am sure my coming home and falling asleep instead of cleaning it isn't much good either. I am just worn out!

My post title says it all, it has been a week. At work things are just crazy. Our students are great but you know they are special and some days they just wear you out. But in a good way! I haven't laughed this summer as much as I have our first three weeks back. They are just natural comics. It's good to be back with them. I really did miss them. And in those moments when they are just off the chain and making us want to (as one of my co-workers said) "Crawl into a corner" I remind myself that I did miss them. I didn't miss thier little germs...seems the little darlings have already passed a cold to me. UGH!

I started classes again this week. My “Methods and Materials for Teaching Children” class I think will be good. It sounds challenging and I like a challenge. My pre-Cal class well...let me say this. God please send me more math brain cells I think I am going to need them.

I just wrote a check for 4800.00 bucks to get my air fixed. God help me that hurt. My home repair fund is now dead. But at least I have air which is a good thing when the temp seems to be stuck in the 90's daily.

I went to the Doctor this week for my test results. The good news is I don't have lupus as they thought I did. Thank you god I need a break on that one. Of course they are not sure exactly what is causing my dizzy spells. Since they are not happening as frequently I am really not that worried. The doc did put in for me to have a CAT scan or was that a CT scan...hell some kind of scan. But since it I am sure will require me to take a day off of work and go in a machine that will have little space(I can't breathe in little closed in spaces)I haven't returned the call to schedule the appointment. Silly I know but just the thought of being in a little space freaks me out.

So there you have it a very short look into my week.


Blogger Julie said...

I am thankful you don't have luppis, and I kow the fear of small places and uncertainty. But they will give you happy drugs to help you get through the CT scan. You need to make that appt, Don't wait please.
love you

9:04 AM, August 27, 2006  
Blogger Homefront Six said...

Valium. Ask for Valium. Been there, done that. Got the pills ;)

1:23 PM, August 28, 2006  

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