Saturday, March 13

Totally Bragging!

Yup, this entry is solely for bragging about my girls. For those of you who do not me well my daughter and I compete in the sport of Tae Kwon Do. It’s a great way for me to get a good work out and it is a sure stopper for bullies and want-to-be boyfriends (in the future) who can’t take NO for an answer and lets face it freaks run-a-muck in today’s world!!

Ok back to the bragging. Two weeks ago they compete in a tournament and Kicked butt. My oldest having to spare in the boys category since there where no girls in her class. To quote her” She kicked serious boy butt!” :O)
Yes, we are very proud! Youngest daughter a green belt had to move up a class and spare a blue belt and WON!

So today my girls tested for their blue belts ( 3 steps away from a black belt) and passed. They were promoted and now proudly sport their new BLUE BELTS!!! Those are MY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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