Friday, July 22

Christmas in July :O)

My girls are home I really missed them; it’s good to have them back.

Dad unpacked my stuff he made….lookie here!

My friend Jennifer made me the out house cross stitch and dad made the rack to go with it. How cool is this!
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I had asked if he could make me a tp holder. He said he would do what he could.... isn’t this awesome!
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See the shingles...he cut each of them out, it really looks like a roof.
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I said "hey dad can you make a trash can while your at it? " Hey this is my dad he can make anything and he did.
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I had to make something so I made these hooks for out hand towels, I also sanded it down to make it look worn. Ok so it isn't as beautiful as what dad did but hey I am just starting.
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Tomorrow the real decorating begins. I worked on my pictures and the frames today. Maybe if all goes well I will have finished pictures to show you all tomorrow.


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