Sunday, June 10

Happy Birthday Alyssa

Yesterday was Alyssa’s 15th birthday. We had a small party at our friends the Biggs house. They graciously offered the use of their pool and house. (their house is like Alyssa's second home) It amazes me how fast the girls are growing up. How is it possible that my baby has already grown from this:

to this:

You knew there would be pictures!

Dad & Erik

Mom & Jeffery

Andrea & Dannette

Everyone in the pool

Ann is our cake lady, it was very difficult for a true Bama fan to make this cake! :)


Make a wish!

Alyssa's favorite little man

Now he really enjoyed the cake!!

After the party we went with the Milligan’s and the Biggs boys to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" was better seeing it for the 2nd time! She told me she had an awesome birthday and a great day!


Friday, June 8

Summer Fun

Our summer fun has begun. Lindsey is recovering from her 5 days at the beach with Gracie and her family. Seems they all forgot how to properly use sunscreen and we are now peeling. At least the swelling in her face is gone from both the poison ivy and the sunburn.

Alyssa has been busy earning some money this summer babysitting. She also learned the joys of "the painting process". I am very proud of how well she did on it. We have some touch-ups to do and then I will post some pictures.

I am busy with my 3 classes. I have had some very interesting turn of events happen that I really can't explain right now but I hope to soon. Psychology is going to be my biggest challenge this semester I think. So much to remember. Send prayers will ya!

That's all now my life is just so hum drum right now....Seems like a lifetime since I had a peaceful boring life and I AM LOVING IT!!!