Sunday, February 15

Welcome to The New Age

This week has been interesting, Lu has been getting over bronchitis, Lis has been recovering from the stomach bug and Mom and Dad ditch AOL and got high speed!
Now the first two sucked but I love the fact that they are old enough to take care of themselves and I can still go to work. Lis stayed in her room but was a bit hurt I didn’t want to cuddle with her, but in the end understood. Lu has actually been sick for about 2 ½ weeks so I made sure she spent most of her past two weekends here, alone, sleeping. Yeah she is convinced I just wanted to ruin her life and make her a social leaper! Oh to be 14 again! NEVER!

I called mom and dad to see how dad was feeling since he has had a cold, which WAS NOT from us, just want to make that clear we know how to keep our germs to ourselves thank you very much. Before I could ask him how he was I hear, “We may need you to help us hook up the internet, I have no idea what to do, the guy is coming tomorrow for the phone.” It took a minute to let that all sink in, so I asked, “Did you change your internet?” the rest of that conversation went in a way I can’t explain then next thing I know I get “hear talk to your mother!”

Mom was nice enough to explain that they had ditched AOL (may I say here thank god!) and are going to be on att. Told them to call if they needed anything. Next day I get a call at work from mom, “ I think you are going to have to pencil daddy and I in for a while and show us how to use this thing!” Oh my. So I went up and sat with mom, first it took me 45 minutes to clean AOL off their machine. It is like a monster and attaches to everything, and then I started showing mom how to use IE7.

Learned Lesson #1: You should never teach your mother how to do use something on the computer during the NEW Survivor!

Learned Lesson #2: Talking slower doesn’t help!

Learned Lesson #3: You should only teach one thing at a time, kids learn faster, let your mother master each skill before moving on, otherwise she may hurt you.

Learned Lesson #4: When she starts saying things like, “The hell with it I didn’t want to use this damn thing any!” It’s time to stop she is tired.

Learned Lesson #5: Make sure you lay ground rules about dad being able to pop in during commercials. It’s like the senior citizens of tag team! You want to say “the hell with it you don’t need this anyway!”

Learned Lesson #6: Be prepared to go back and re-teach and fix all mistakes made while they were just “LOOKING AROUND” you know so the thingy that was on that thing will be there again because they liked that thingy there!

Learned Lesson #7: In the end they can learn and you will feel wonderful that you taught them, until you here your Aunt is coming and she needs lessons too!

Benefits: They feed you Chinese and give you goody bags to take home, I think it has something to do with the easing their guilt.


Anonymous Annie said...

Try doing the teaching of internet on the phone when she is in Indiana and you are in Colorado/Georgia/wherever. Yeah, that one is fun too.

7:14 PM, February 15, 2009  
Anonymous Karla said...

Oh the visuals on this whole situation were just too hilarious!! I am glad that the girls are feeling better. Is it not our jobs to completely ruin the social lives of our children?? Damn, somebody lied to me then......
Luv U!!!

7:14 PM, February 15, 2009  
Blogger Joanne said...

that's so funny! it reminds me of when i had to teach the TIVO thing with my parents. I'm still getting calls! lol :)

9:17 AM, February 18, 2009  

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