Saturday, January 17

Something New for Karla

I have been reminded by my dear friend Karla that FATHERS DAY HAS PASSED!!! So here is my update:

Girls: still breathing though at times it could only be attributed to divine intervention!!! They spent thier first holiday alone with thier dad. Thank god it is over and all survived..though I think it had a great deal to do with their grandmother and wanting to see the rest of the family. If I had to hear one more time " can't we just see them with out having to see dad too?" I was going to shoot someone!

Gunter: lost his mind for a brief moment but has regained it, I am blaming the girls influences for that brief lasp.

Gail: I have passed all my history classes with A’s though at one point I was having daydreams of running over my 1st history teacher with my car. I do believe if I ever see that little GNOME again I may do just that! I survived philosophy due to the loving support of MANY (Karla, Jamie, Julie, Alyssa. Lindsey) we all got an A. May I never have to see another philosophy book again! Work is good I love my job.

Divorce was final nice to have my life back.

So there is your update!!


Anonymous kasey said...

Thanks mom

7:31 PM, January 17, 2009  

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