Friday, May 30

My New Ride

In the divorce I got the van, mostly because it was paid for but also because the only thing Rob insisted from the marriage was the truck. Well the van got horrible gas mileage and so I went car shopping. Sticker shock is not even close to what I would call it...I about fell out. But I also needed a new car...well I took every car I was thinking of buying to dad to check out. Mom and dad decided they wanted to buy a new car instead and sold me their old one. Old being a 2002 Toyota Camry with the works, and they bought the new one I was looking at. I sold the van to a friend who has been bugging me for years to buy it. Gotta love my parents, I know they didn't need a new car and I loved them for making it so I could keep my pride and "buy" their old car at an unbelievable price just low enough I wouldn't have to get a loan and add to my monthly bills.

You knew I would have pictures!
New car