Sunday, January 18

Twice in One Week! Steady!

Random thoughts be prepared…

Sleep I crave it lately. It’s a bit hard to explain, since December I have been craving nothing but sleep. I thought my iron might below so I added new vitamins to my day. You know what I think? I think I lost so much sleep the past three years trying to get my life back in order and worrying about the girls that now that my life is getting on track, my body is saying OK MY TURN!
Mom and dad came by today, we are happy to report my shed door now stays close and my lawn mower is good to go. Yeah since dad quite smoking he finds all kinds of ways to stay busy, not that I mind, it’s nice to have someone to fix things, my X never fixed a thing but he was damn good at whining about what needed fixing.
Highlight of my day… I bought new highlighters, this time I have a purple one. I was almost gitty. No really. I have always wanted one. That’s right I am now walking around the house singing, “I have a purple highlighter, I have a purple highlighter!!” Hey it’s the little things ok, the little things!!!!

So recapping my day, my shed door now shuts, my lawn mower is in shape, I got to sleep till 11:00 and I HAVE A PURPLE HIGHLIGHTER!!!!

Life is good :o)


Saturday, January 17

Something New for Karla

I have been reminded by my dear friend Karla that FATHERS DAY HAS PASSED!!! So here is my update:

Girls: still breathing though at times it could only be attributed to divine intervention!!! They spent thier first holiday alone with thier dad. Thank god it is over and all survived..though I think it had a great deal to do with their grandmother and wanting to see the rest of the family. If I had to hear one more time " can't we just see them with out having to see dad too?" I was going to shoot someone!

Gunter: lost his mind for a brief moment but has regained it, I am blaming the girls influences for that brief lasp.

Gail: I have passed all my history classes with A’s though at one point I was having daydreams of running over my 1st history teacher with my car. I do believe if I ever see that little GNOME again I may do just that! I survived philosophy due to the loving support of MANY (Karla, Jamie, Julie, Alyssa. Lindsey) we all got an A. May I never have to see another philosophy book again! Work is good I love my job.

Divorce was final nice to have my life back.

So there is your update!!