Thursday, July 8

40 Already!!

Today is my 40th birthday!! It feels great! I feel great!!!

I don't feel 40 of course I have no idea what 40 is suppose to feel like.

Kasey is here helping me celebrate. We have been friends for 26 years and it is wonderful to have her here. Makes it feel complete some how. There are a few others I wish were able to come but I know they will be celebrating with me in their hearts.

Tonight I have 30 ladies coming. It’s a girl’s only party since Rob isn’t here and it would feel funny having all these other men here with out him.

I’M a tad worried HA HA, you know when women get together to party it gets very interesting!!! I did tell them no strippers or anything like that. I like to have a good clean party…nothing giggling in my face!!!

I promise pictures tomorrow and an update of how the party went.


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