Friday, December 30

New Look

A new look to start a new year.Thank you to Kris for the great photos.

We wish all our family and friends a blessed New Year!


Thursday, December 22

Renewal Of Friendship....You Know Who You Are!

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After serious and cautious consideration...
Your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2006.
It was a hard decision to make, so try to be friendlier, less shady and more caring next year.
I'm giving you another chance so...
Some of you were borderline or sub standard and some contracts were NOT renewed...
(You WILL know who you are, nope it wasn't you. Stop thinking hard about it)
Have a safe and happy holiday season!!!

Love Gail


Wednesday, December 21


Life is interesting.

I find myself lost most times wondering what the hell I am doing.


Saturday, December 10


Rob made it home safe thank you all for your prayers.

It is to say the least odd to have him here and not have to worry about a leave date.

It is also an adjustment for us all to be under the same roof.


Sunday, December 4

An End in Sight!

Rob is on his way home from Saudi for good. He has cleared everything he needs to clear, and his flight leaves in the AM. It will be a great relief to know he will be home for more then just a few weeks. It will also be a major adjustment in all our lives.

The good news is the starts his new job on the 19th of this month. Hopefully that will ease whatever he has been going through. I knew retiring would be difficult I just didn't expect it to be this heartbreaking.

Please keep him in your prayers for a safe trip home and us as well for a somewhat smooth readjustment.