Tuesday, May 11

Their Back :o)

I am very happy to say both the girls are healthy again! Not only that we also have A/C now!!! Unfortunately, I am not feeling great still. I am past the throwing up stage but have moved onto the other stage. I dear not go to far from the bathroom in fear of an accident!

Alyssa has her last band concert tonight. I really am looking forward to it…but I will be sitting in the back row just in case! Only 6 more days of school, boy it went fast.

I do have some projects planned. I have some quilting I must finish before I start any new projects. Then I am redoing the girl’s bathroom and the living room. Now if I could just settle on some colors. We are also going to Florida to see my parents in June; the girl’s are so excited!

After that is my 40th Birthday, I am still not sure what I plan for that. I would love to have a party but we will see.

Sorry got to go!


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