Thursday, April 22


Yesterday was a scary day for us. Rob was two blocks away to the bombing in RIYADH. Thank god I got an email from him saying he was ok with a few details I won’t share here.

I think I finally exhaled about 10 last night. I wasn’t sure how I was suppose to feel I mean I have friends whose loved ones are in this type of danger daily with NO communication from their soldier until days later.

I guess I just didn’t feel I had the right to cry at first. Now it just seems silly for me to cry about it, I know he is 0k and is now safe. I still feel a bit numb.

Please remember to include our service men and women in your prayers. And while you’re at it say one for the families!


Sunday, April 18

Walking for Autism

Saturday the girls and I walked for Autism. The Alabama Autism Society sponsored the walk and it was held at our school. I gave the girls each a sheet explained to them what it was about and ask them if they wanted to walk. They said yes and set a goal. We each agreed on $25.00.

I left it up to them to raise the money. Alyssa raised $87.50 and Lin raised $82.50. I was the lowest at $50.00. I was really surprised how well they did. I was also very proud when I found out they had both donated all their Easter money.

50 children every day are diagnosed with Autism. IT has now become the fasting growing developmental disability in the U.S. I work with autistic children every day and as challenging as it is it is also very rewarding. Autistic children are highly intelligent and loving children.

All About Autism


Sunday, April 11

The Time Has Come!

Seems the time has come my Alyssa is now well on her way to “womanhood”. While I am happy her life is so to speak “on track” I won’t lie to you, my heart is just a bit broken.

I guess I thought I had more time. You know despite the facts that have been starring me straight in the face.

Little things like she is only 2 inches shorter then me, she has breast as much as I would love her not too, and I am still recovering from the shock realizing she really needed to shave.

Why is it they have to grow up so fast? Just as I was getting comfortable with this stage in the girls life the anti is upped!

I told Rob that one of Alyssa’s Easter Blessings is that she now has her cycle. I am not sure but I think he almost fainted. There was a long silence before he said in a very faint voice “ I don’t want to know this, why are you telling me this?”. My response was “because I have to deal with it so it is only fair I share this with you!”

Ok it was a bit cruel but so was enjoying a very quiet evening with my little girl and the hear ” Mom I think I just started my period!”

Happy Easter everyone!


Wednesday, April 7

Lets skip April OK?

So far I have to say I am not happy with April. This past weekend the girls and I were sick AGAIN! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! I know stress plays a huge part in this.

A dear friend of mine has lost someone dear and has a family member who is losing her battle with breast cancer. I also have a few friends who’s loved ones are in the “thick of things” and every day is nightmare for them worrying about their loved one.

It’s times like this I wish I could be there with each of them just to hold them and say ” I am here, lean on me, let me take care of you for a little while”. Unfortunately, all I can do is call, email, and tell them I am here if they need me. It’s a pretty helpless feeling to be honest.

I found swarmers in the girl’s bathroom (dam termites!) and had the bug guy out. They had just checked (or so they say) the termite bates around the house 2 weeks ago and found nothing now we have three traps with hits …one fully active! The only good news about this is that we have a warranty and they are fixing it for no extra cost.

My dad is going into the doctor today. Last year he had an accident in his wood shop and cut the tip of two fingers off. One they couldn’t save. Well it is now infected again and they are worried he may have to lose the rest of the finger.

If you knew my dad you would know he doesn’t take such things hard, his philosophy is I have 9 more lets get on with life. It ironically, bothers me, I have a hard time with the thought they may cut a piece of my dad off and toss it.

Rob and I talked last weekend and he could be “there” for another year. I understand why and I am very lucky he is in a safe place and not in the “thick of things” but at the same time it is just so hard to think of him being gone longer and I still worry “there” may not be safe.

Honestly, anywhere but home is not safe enough for me. The other night just couldn’t get the What if… stuff out of my head. What if… is just too hard to deal with. I think I will try to stay in the now I have to say some days that is easier said then done.

My grandmother who is 92 years old (bless her heart) is not doing well. She is in and out of the hospital. Seems she is no longer able to produce her own blood. I know this is bad…so please just say a prayer she passes peacefully. I know I should probably pray she lives on but to be honest her quality of life is not very good and she is 92 and if you were to ask her she would tell you she is ready to be with my grandfather. Sometimes we just have to know it is time to let go.

While we are praying can you say one for our servicemen and women away from home don’t forget to mention their families. This is a very difficult time for military families if their loved one isn’t in the “thick of things” they have many friends who are.

For those of you who read this blog and are not familiar with the military let me try to explain …no matter who we are or what branch we are in we are all family and we watch out for each other. So when you hear that a marine, soldier, sailor or airmen has lost their life know we all feel the pain for their family. We all understand.

Only 23 more days in April I hope May is better!