Wednesday, August 3

…And it starts!

-yesterday I came home from work and the cable was off. They had me down for shut off. WHy? Non-paymetn mind you I called them last week to find out if they had recieved my last payment because the check was the only one outstanding in my checkbook. Nope never called back like they said they would. The girl was very nice and it was cleared up quickly.

-Today I came home for lunch and there was no power in the living room. Some how the circuit cut off.

-I came home from work this evening and the air wasn’t working...called that in.

- Decided to vacuum the house before Günter’s hair takes over(I have to vacuum EVERY day or the hair wins.)the vacum is no longer with us. It has passed on...guess sometime between work and Opne Houses I will get a new vacum.

I count four…that means I should be safe with one to spare!

It needs to end here.


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