Sunday, August 28


The van is now back home at the price of around $400.00 bucks thankyouverymuch!

The truck has been checked and is now running on rotated tires and clean oil. They were "unable to duplicate the tailgate problem" (big shock right) but they did replace the lock just for good measure,

The dishwasher is toast and after 5 phone calls the insurance company is going to replace it. ALL they need from me is the measurements. Measurements being, height, width, and depth of our current dishwasher. Now the height and width was a piece of cake…the width…hahahahahahaha they told me to are you ready pull the old dishwasher out for a proper measurement! Pull it out you have to love their sense of humor. Now I know you understand what 3 of those 5 calls were about. I believe one of my comments to perky insurance agent was “ Are you all on crack??”

Anyway I will be making a trip to Loews to measure dishwashers, I measured my cabinet that is the best I can do.

My grandmother’s funeral was Thursday. Mom and dad are on their way home now. Mom said it was a very nice service but the reception was something she will have to tell me about when she has been home and had time to rest. You gotta love family!


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