Friday, August 5

Final Grade

Math has never been an easy subject for me. The last time I took a math class that wasn’t accounting I failed miserably. It was so bad my teacher told me I should take accounting because I didn't have what it took to retake the class I failed.

When I decided to go back to school I took a placement test , all my scores where great but one.


Out of 100 I got a 21.

I can’t explain how that made me feel.

I decided that if I was going back I might as well start with my lowest score and most difficult subject so I took math.

I took my final Tuesday, it was a lot tougher then I had anticipated. I called the professor last night to get my grade and I got a 100!!!

My final grade for the semester 100!

I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. I am taking math again this Semester and I am sure this time I won’t be in the bath getting ill before my first class.

I can’t believe I got 100!!!!!!!!!


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