Saturday, August 13

First Week Blues

I have had the first week of school blues. I miss my old class. Seeing them come in getting my hugs…I really loved working with that class.

Now I am getting to know our new class. They are a great group of kids…. it is just hard to learn everyone’s ticks not to mention were they are academically. We have a much higher functioning class this year, which is exciting, but we just didn’t have the materials for them we really wanted.

I am also working with a new person, the old group kind of knew when to step in and not too. She just has to learn too. But I get so frustrated at some of the things she does. I think maybe I just need to chill some and let her work out some things on her own.

I also miss not having my girls with me. This is the first time none of the girls are at my school. Seems a little lonely with out them. They both seem to have adjusted well to school, which makes me very happy.

This weekend I need to work on my time management at home. I had a really difficult time this week keeping up with chores and all. When school starts for me on the 22nd I will even less time so I need to get this worked out this week

I cried ever night I just felt so overwhelmed this past week.

I am hoping next week will run a bit smoother both in the class and at home.


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