Monday, February 21

Tricare Card

I finally received Lin’s Tricare card in the mail. You know that pesty little thing you must have to get seen in an emergency. In August they had sent Alyssa and my card but no lin. She was listed on the paper just no new card.

Since then I have requested are you sitting ….7 times for her card. Yup 7 and I finally got one Saturday. They kept telling me that I could go and down load a temp card from the website. Have you ever been on the Tricare website. I have, as a matter of fact I have spent many hours there…never did find the downloadable area were I could get a temp card.

It must just be me…what do you think? HAHAHA



I was sick as a dog last week, making my total days missed from work 2 weeks. I spent this past weekend making up for what wasn’t done in my house all week and then napping afterward.

I guess it would go with out saying my bathroom didn’t get touched. I have faith the bathroom will get done. I don’t think it will happen with in the 16 days between now and when Rob gets home. I promised Alyssa her room would be done over this next spring break and I am keeping that promise.

So very soon we will have a true WAR EAGLE room here.


Saturday, February 12

The Bug is Back

The redecorating bug that is. My bathroom is next n the list. I have a really good idea what I want to do in there. The first thing is removing the wallpaper. I am not a fan of wallpaper and every house we looked at had it. Not only did they all have wallpaper they all seem to be dark maroon or green, and had HUGE flowers of some sort with it, or a HUGE plaid print.

I actually did pick a green for our bathroom, not dark hunter green. More of a moss type green. I am going to trim with an off white color. I am thinking much like the off white I used in the girls bathroom.

My biggest dilemma is that I really want to replace the HUGE mirror in my bathroom. It takes up the whole wall. Honestly I don’t think it is needed. I’ll take pictures this weekend and show you what I mean.

Rob comes home in approximately 25 days!! I will have two projects down. The kitchen and living room are next!


Road to Recovery

It feels as though one of us has been sick for every. First I have bronchitis, Alyssa has a horrible cold, and then Lin comes home with a temp. By yesterday morning I was the only showing any improvement so, we took the ride in and both the girls were seen. Now they are on antibiotics and today they both seem so much better. I can’t tell you how relieved I am. Lin woke up today for the first time in 5 days with NO temp. WAHOO!!!

I am sterilizing everything in this house. Carpets, furniture you name it, it is being washed!! Gunter doesn’t know it yet but he is on the list for a bath. Should be fun, 100lb dog that hates water!!!

There are some really amazing people here; they have taken such good care of us. Calling to see if we need anything, stopping by with little things. The girls and I are truly blessed.


Thursday, February 10

Children Paid The Ultimate Price

I am sure by now most of you have heard this story, if you haven't here it is Three Huntsville children found dead.

The question being asked over and over is "HOW" did this happen? How did the family not know? How did the children miss so much school and DHR not get there in time.

In fact they had shown up at the door several times. The mother refused to let them in. Of course the question now why didn't DHR get a police order to go in? Wouldn't it send up flags to you if you were investigating a schools compliant that 3 children have been absent since Christmas break and the sol parent wouldn't let you in the house? Wouldn't let you speak to the children? If she had nothing to hide why not let you in?

There was no water or electricity in the house. They could find that out by talking to the property manager, who had spoken to the mother about just that. She had to have water and electricity to live there. The mother told the manager no one was living there anymore and that they were staying with family. Why didn’t DHR talk to them? Hell I still think they should have gotten a court order making the mother show the children.

The grandmother was on the news Monday defending her daughter. Her exact words “ My daughter was a "good" mother and she loved her children, she is "good" daughter who I could count on for anything I asked of her. People need to stop spreading rumors and gossip about her. They need to stop slandering her.”

Today it has been reported the “good” daughter had sent in a post card to Apt finder…on it she stated she would be the sol occupant. The card was sent 3 days before her children were found dead of starvation. Guess she wasn’t such a good daughter or mother and the children paid the ultimate price.

Oh and the "good" daugther, the "good" mother, she confessed . Yeah Slander my ass.


Unbelievably Scary!

It’s a sad fact anyone can create children. It’s unbelievably scary this man did! I don't know what is scarier the fact he "lost" his son, or that the DA to determine if father of 'Lost Baby' will face charges. Come one determine?

Here is the story DA To Determine If Father Of 'Lost Baby' Will Face Charges


Sunday, February 6

I know more flower pictures I know but I love taking them.
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This is a picture I took last May. I just love it.
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I did it. Lindsey with her first sewing project.
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How do you make this go again?
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The fur that WON'T be in my house!!! WE love Gunter but man talk about shedding.
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Gunter caught in the act. This isn't what it looks like, I'm not really laying on the couch."
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Cowgirl day at school, Lindsey was all over that!
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Friday, February 4

Gurgle, Bubble, And Mr. Rooter

Sunday I wasn’t feeling at all wonderful my back was killing me and I had a cold, so I thought ”What the hell, I’ll clean the bathrooms, get that out of the way and then bum on the couch the rest of the day.”

Rob had called earlier; he is in Germany doing therapy one his back. Which they said looks so much better he won’t need the surgery. YEAH!! We only had a few minutes and I had told him all was great on the home front except for colds. (Alyssa has a horrible cold too.)

So, I start scrubbing the toilet, yes a job we all treasurer!! Flush and that is when it happened!! The toilet made this funny gurgle, gurgle followed by a small whine. I looked down thought “Ok?!” Then the tub started to talk…” Bubble, bubble, gurgle, LOUD gurgle…WOOOSSSSSHHHH!! Water started bubbling up faster then if I had, had the faucet on!!!

Grabbed the plunger start plunging the toilet and praying… Dear lord, NO not today please, please what ever I have done I am whole heartedly sorry but not this today!! I know you won’t give more then I can handle but really, have you looked at my record the past 12 months…. that’s a lot of handling. I CAN”T HANDLE IT TODAY!!!!

In the middle of my prayer and plunging I hear Lindsey say, “ What is that in our tub?”followed by, ”MOM!” Honestly I didn’t want to look. I knew what I would find. But I looked and that is when the crying started.

I have kept my sense of humor through a great deal this year, Gunter’s doggy diarrhea from hell, the attack of the ants, the bathroom light switch fire, Hurricane Ivan, the van breaking down, the air conditioning breaking, the termites trying to invade, the dryer breaking and so much more.

I just didn’t have it in me Sunday to laugh anymore. I felt like shit and I just wanted to get some of the chores done so I cold veggie out! Instead I spent the day on the phone with my insurance company.

Seems they couldn’t find someone on their Emergency list that was willing to come out. Maybe it is just me but, if you’re on an emergency list doesn’t that mean you will come out on EMERGANCIES? The other alternative was me to find someone who would come out.

Of course there is a catch.

I have to read the list to make sure nonone is on the "NO" List. I read the list of plumbers off to the agent who told me, “ Sorry but they are on the no list, yup them too, yeah see them too..,” This went on for 15 minutes then finally I hit 3 that were ok. I called and finally got Nice Plumber.

He explained he was on another job and couldn’t get to my house before 8 pm. Hey at this point we need bathrooms. So that was fine with me. 8pm he arrives, Survey’s the situation, calls my insurance company with his quote and gets ready too work. Agent asks to speak to me. Great! (I hope you sense the sarcasm there.)

“ I have to let you know that we will only pay for a routine blockage; we will not pay for tree root blockages so if he finds tree roots you are solely responsible for the bill. If you agree to these terms we can proceed.” What do you think the odds were I was going to tell the ONLY plumber I could get in town to STOP! I agreed.

He understood the terms and very soon I would have indoor plumbing again. Life will be good.

10 minutes later a knock at the door.

Nice Plumber not looking happy. “ Well, see…maybe you should just look”.

Yeah, tree roots.

Me holding back the tears…” So how much?”

Nice Plumber: “ Can I ask you something?”

Me: “ Sure” (still holding back the tears)

Nice Plumber: “ The flag you have here, do you have someone in the service?”

Me: “ Yes my husband, he is in the Army.”

Nice Plumber: “ Is he gone?”

Many, many red flags pop up for me when strange men ask me this. But he seems like a nice man (yes I know so do most serial killers)

Me: “ Yes he is in Saudi. He has been gone a year, and is due home soon”

Nice Plumber: Scratches his head, looks at me “ You tell him thank you for me the next you talk to him, and as for this…it’s a routine blockage.”

Before he left he told me what to look for to make sure that the roots weren’t from a hole in my line, with all this bad weather and the trees that have been down the roots could have just floated in from the main line. If I had Any problems to call him and he would take care of it.

On Monday he called to make sure I had no problems and he mailed me a card with his home number on it. Said he told his wife about this and she would know who I was if I called. He would be back out in a few months just to clean the line again to make sure nothing was growing.

God bless Nice Plumber and his family and THANK YOU lord for sending him to us!