Saturday, November 26


A dear friend sent me this...and I love it so I am sharing it with you all. We all go through difficult times in our lives and I found this to be very comforting.


We all go through difficult times and at these times I am reminded of grapevines and the way they are pruned back. Sometimes the pruning seems so severe that you wonder how the vines will ever recover. But the pruning gives the roots strength they need to grow deep and strong. When the vines recover, they bear even more fruit and have the added strength to withstand storms and droughts.

Maybe we undergo pruning times, too, and although it may seem to us that the pruning is too harsh and lasts too long, in time we emerge more productive, stronger, and wiser.

Can I get an AMEN!


Wednesday, November 23

Gone Again

Rob left Sunday....we are back to being alone...and phone calls. Very soon hopefully he will be home for good and stay home.


Monday, November 7

New Hair

Now that Rob is home and has seen my new hair I can post a picture.

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Saturday, November 5

In The Air

As I typed this Rob is in the air on his way to JFK. Please say a prayer he has a safe trip home!