Saturday, July 29


I just love how people can turn things around to suite their reasoning and then say they never lied. Please if someone asks you a question and you don't tell the "Whole" truth you lied.

Tell you what if you want to lie and mislead me then don't bother talking to me. In case you haven't noticed I am NOT AN IDIOT!


Monday, July 24

Update Will YA!!!

OK! OK! I hear you.

I apologize I haven't updated. I went to Va to see my uncle. I wanted the chance to see him and tell him I loved him before he passed. It was a nice visit, I got to see my cousins and their children. It was also my aunt and uncles 45th wedding anniversary. My cousins gave them a great intimate party. I am so glad I went. I needed the break from my life.

It was very hard to say good-bye to my uncle. He is one of the kindest men I have ever met. I can tell you with 100% certainty I have never heard him raise his voice or say a bad word about or to anyone.

My flight home was a nightmare but I am here now. Let's just say that I have been blessed with great kids and wonderful people who are always there when I need that and I count them as blessings everyday!


Sunday, July 16

The Visit

Karla and Cory came to visit. We had a great week, no yard work this year. The kids were grateful! They did lots of swimming and hanging out. Just the right speed for teens. Kasey and I did some shopping with not kids! Talk about heaven!!!

There are pictures!

On Tuesday we went to my friend Martha's to go swimming. The kids had a blast. I few of Lindsey's "PEEPS" came along.

Feel bad for poor Cory!

Lin and her "PEEPS"

My friend Martha, she is 80 yrs old. I think she looks damn good for her age. She enjoyed watching the kids play.

The kids had a contest jumping off the diving board. Here are a few of the good shots Alyssa took. She really enjoyed my new camera.

Cory's Heisman imitation.

Lindsey wondering why she let Cory talk her into the run jump.

Lin needed a rest after that jump.

Here are a few of Auntie Karla and her kids.

ALyssa LOVED having Karal here she was bummed all day yesterday without her.

Lin and Auntie Karla

Karla and her baby! I love this picture.

On Thursday we went to Southern Adventure here in town. They have four huge slides and the kids were NON-STOP all day. I had the hardest time getting any of Cory he slides like the wind. He would wave and tell us he was coming then WHAM he was in the pool. Karla got some good ones of him...I know she will share!

Let's start with Alyssa. She has her Memere's habit of holding her nose!

Enough of the nose thing lets really cool off!

If you read my blog regularly you now know what her favorite shirt and drink are.

Now Lindsey was almost like Cory. I had to really try hard to get her...the other problem she had was she is well LITTLE and staying on that tube proved to be a challenge at times.

I almost made it!

Thumbs up I survived!

Cool lets try another!

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! (Ok if it had been me I would have been yelling "OH SHIT!" all the way down. Instead I was praying dear god don't let her launch over the side!!)

She got to the bottom and when she came out of the pool I was saying thank to God and I heard Lin tell her friends "I have got to do that again!!" So I started praying again!!! I have got to get that girl to eat more!

We had a great time I am going to try and take the girls north next year. I want them to see where I grew up and they want to see where Auntie Karla lives.


Wednesday, July 12

Prayer Please

My parents are on there way to my uncle's home. You may remember my uncle Bob has brain cancer and has been declining steadily for the last few weeks. He has now taken a turn for the worse and they believe he is now on his last days. Please say a prayer that he passes quickly and painlessly, and that the family will have the strength to see him through is journey home.


Saturday, July 8

My Day!

I had a nice birthday,Karla and Cory arrived today and we went to see Pirates Of The Carribbean 2" it was cute. Then back to my house for birthday cake and gifts. It was a nice evening.

I hope 42 is better I was not sad to see 41 go!


Wednesday, July 5

Like My Hat?

Seemed yesterday Lindsey's favorite hat made the rounds, I want you to know everyone put the hat on of their own accord. It was cute.

Lindsey and her hat!

Oh hey Memere' wanted to try it! We were there a total of 1 min before mom had the hat on!

A cheeseburger isn't a cheeseburger with out the hat!

Sitting in the living room enjoying each others company Pepere' just couldn't resist trying it at least once!


Tuesday, July 4

New Link

I have added a new link to my favorites on the right its title is La Masion which is french for "The House". It is a link of pictures at mom and dads house.


Fun On The 4th

We are having a great time with mom and dad. Here are a few pictures till I can get home:

Memere' and Lindsey, mom has on Lindsey's favorite hat:

Dad joining in:


Sunday, July 2

Only Twelve


"What Lindsey"

"Can I wear liquid liner"

"No you're only 12"


"What Lindsey"

"Why can't I wear Mascara?"

"Because you're only 12"


"What Lindsey"

"I can't go to sleep!"

"Why Lindsey"

"I can't find glow-worm!"

"Lindsey, don't you think it is time to give up glow-worm?"

"MOM I'm only twelve! What are you crazy!!"