Friday, August 25

It's Been A Week!

I know you can tell school is back in since I don't update as much. I
am working on a routine and hopefully I will be able to update more. That and get my house back to organized. It is so messy it drives me nuts just to be in it and I am sure my coming home and falling asleep instead of cleaning it isn't much good either. I am just worn out!

My post title says it all, it has been a week. At work things are just crazy. Our students are great but you know they are special and some days they just wear you out. But in a good way! I haven't laughed this summer as much as I have our first three weeks back. They are just natural comics. It's good to be back with them. I really did miss them. And in those moments when they are just off the chain and making us want to (as one of my co-workers said) "Crawl into a corner" I remind myself that I did miss them. I didn't miss thier little germs...seems the little darlings have already passed a cold to me. UGH!

I started classes again this week. My “Methods and Materials for Teaching Children” class I think will be good. It sounds challenging and I like a challenge. My pre-Cal class well...let me say this. God please send me more math brain cells I think I am going to need them.

I just wrote a check for 4800.00 bucks to get my air fixed. God help me that hurt. My home repair fund is now dead. But at least I have air which is a good thing when the temp seems to be stuck in the 90's daily.

I went to the Doctor this week for my test results. The good news is I don't have lupus as they thought I did. Thank you god I need a break on that one. Of course they are not sure exactly what is causing my dizzy spells. Since they are not happening as frequently I am really not that worried. The doc did put in for me to have a CAT scan or was that a CT scan...hell some kind of scan. But since it I am sure will require me to take a day off of work and go in a machine that will have little space(I can't breathe in little closed in spaces)I haven't returned the call to schedule the appointment. Silly I know but just the thought of being in a little space freaks me out.

So there you have it a very short look into my week.


Saturday, August 19

Not A Warm & Fuzzy Post

If you came here today to read a warm and fuzzy post this is not it...come back tomorrow it may be here then but don't count on it!

I find myself lately more and more frustrated with people in general. It didn't just happen this week it has been building over the last few months. Those with the following syndromes to be exact are just annoying the SHIT out of me.

POOR ME- So may of these out there right now: Poor you? Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Your where you are because of the choices you made. No one else is responsible for you or your life. So stop feeling sorry for your self and grow the hell up. You want people to treat you with respect and offer you assistance HELP YOURSELF FIRST! Get over the poor me and start taking the positive steps needed to fix your life.

WHY ME- Meet a lot of "Why ME" the past few weeks so to you I say: Read Poor me and if you still don't get it call me, I'll be happy to explain it to you. But don't call if you don't want the plan down dirty truth!

NO ONE UNDERSTANDS- You're right they don't because they are living their lives and they can't be in your shoes. They can try to help you but you have to want to make the changes in your life first. If you're an adult act like it, and take charge of your own damn life. Then once you put some effort into others may try to understand. Till then you're on your own!

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM?-Ok this one is to Rob ...what do I about you try to GROW THE HELL UP AND REALIZE THERE ARE MORE FREAKIGN PEOPLE ON THIS PLANT THEN YOU!! That is what I want from you. Try making a decision that does NOT screw with my life and my girls because I am done worrying about YOU! You want to come home... show me why you should! I AM ALL DONE WITH LIP SERVICE!

WHY SHOULD I DO THAT?- Oh please...if you are one of these please read closely: Why should you do that? Because being selfish gets you NO WHERE and when you ask others to help you they will remember how much you DID'T give to others who needed your help. I am guessing you also have the following syndromes "Poor Me" and "No One Understands" get help of get out of my way...I have things to do, people to help and places to do them!

Ok so for now that is all. But I will be back with more. For those who have read this and I have pissed you off...good you probably needed it and I really don't care that you don't like it.

I have made some decisions on how I deal with people...from this point on I am not going to sugar coat it. How I feel is what I will say. I use to try and go soft. Those days are OVER.

I see people everyday that need help, genuine help, and they won't ask till it is the last result. They try hard to take care of their lives and problems. To them I say "Please call me anytime and I will be happy to help you."


Sunday, August 13

Good Bye Summer!

It's hard to believe another summer has gone by. We had a good time relaxing with family and friends. Now it's back to work for me and back to school for the girls.

The last few weeks before school started were stressful with my finals and getting Alyssa ready for High School. I was ok till freshman orientation. Then I was a mess, talk about a big school! Her freshman class had 600 students with all the upper classes the count goes about 2000. The school its self is HUGE and a maze.

When I dropped her off on Wednesday I cried all the way to work. Worried all day that she was lost or being picked on! Turns out she had a great first day and likes HS. Phew!

You know I got a picture!

That's my girl!

So that is done. I finally finished school shopping yesterday. Fees have been paid as far as I know. So maybe I can relax a little till I start school on the 22nd.

I didn't forget about Lindsey, I just wasn't here when she was ready for school since a friend was taking her for the first week. I tried once to get a quick picture but the hair was still not JUST RIGHT so I got nothing but drama! I'll post a picture of her this week.


Friday, August 4

It Worked

Your vibes worked I got an A on my child development and a B on my math finals. I am now in the "waiting period" to see what my final grades will be.


Wednesday, August 2

Good Thoughts

Today I have two finals , send brain vibes please!!!