Sunday, February 18

This and That

How fast a week fly's by. Things here are going really well. Alyssa was home sick three days last week..good news she didn't have the flu, bad news she missed 3 days of school. Lots of make up work.

Lindsey is doing good, you know Lin life is all about clothes, hair,and boys! Her birthday is fast approaching and so she is heavy into planning that. God help me!! HAHAA

I am doing great. And I mean that. I can say that I am finally me again. I wake up and look forward to my days, I am ready to move past everything that has been going on in my life and move forward with me. I like my life right now and I am looking forward to going out and doing many new things.

The best news of all is that Melissa is home. Well not at her home, ather parents, she will needed to be watched very closely for a while still but she is improving everyday. Thank you all for the prayers. God is good!

Thank you all for the love, prayers, and support you have given the girls and I everyday. Without you it would have been almost impossible to make it to where we are now.


Tuesday, February 6

Prayers Needed

Jeffery a dear friend of ours needs our prayers his wife is in the hospital she suffered a aneurysm. She is currently in ICU. Please send them all your love and prayers.

Melissa is doing better. They have found where the bleeding is and she is starting to heal. Please keep the prayers coming.


Sunday, February 4


I have been looking for months and I finally found a pair of boots. I never really owned a pair and always wanted too so here they are:

I also found these cute shoes!


Thursday, February 1

Dinner Conversation

I can't stand whining and I really can't stand talking and no one listening to me. Lots of that going on here lately! I didn't feel exactly great today...nothing really hurt or ached just felt off all day. The girls had dentist appointments today and all I have heard is whining since they found out and today I just had heard enough and I blew my cool.

I will be the first to admit that I have been feeling frustrated at the way my life is going and I worry constantly about if I am doing the right thing with the girls and everything else. I also know some of the frustration that made me lose my cool with the girls was not their fault but I have to say I just hate that I am the one they are taking their angry out on. I mean I am here I never left...I have always been here. Yet I am the one they vent on.

Alyssa is angry Rob and I are divorcing. She thinks our house is broken forever. Yet she won't answer the phone when her father calls her be it on her cell or the house phone. (Lindsey is also not answering the phone when he calls. I did let him know one day when they were both home and I was gone that he may want to call. I thought maybe they just felt guilty about talking to him when I was around and it would be easier for them He called many times they never picked up.) And she is angry with me because I am going to school, she is upset with Lindsey because she always with her friends. She said "She feels like the only one who lives in our house except for Gunter."

Lindsey is angry because I have TOO many rules and many of her friends don't have as many rules. Ok well what I just need to have NO RULES? NAH! OH and she thinks Alyssa is crazy for wanting Rob to come back. She said she is happier now with out him. That hurt to hear.

I am feeling a bit lost. I don't know what I can do to make Alyssa feel better or understand more and I am not about to just let Lindsey run with no rules. So...

At dinner I tired to find a way to explain how I felt and why I was doing what I was doing. I am not sure if they got it. I know I didn't really feel any better after. I don't know and I think this sucks!