Thursday, May 31

Fairies All Around

The gate to my backyard has been a problem since we moved in. I can't tell you how many times we have done "fixes" on it. Well it was on it's last leg and other then the fact that Gunter is a good boy and loves his yard we would have lost him, he could easily push it yesterday when I came home from classes I looked up and here is what I saw:

Isn't it beautiful!!!!! If you only knew what a PITA this has been for me! I was like a kid out there playing with the new gate, talking to Gunter about how nice it was. Gunter loves me I know because he never once walked away he just stood there tail wagging and acting like he cared!!! I think he knows I am over the edge!HAHAHA

Thank you Gate Fairy!! ( AKA Dad!)

Dad also put my new ceiling fan up in the computer area Tuesday...and SHHHHHHHHHHH the money fairy helped me buy a Hunter Fan and not as dad calls it " the piece of crap brand" ( You know I cleaned that up for you HAHAHA!)

Now if I could just find that damn Laundry Fairy!!!


Lu's Art

Lu took art at school this year and she finally brought home her done works. Most of them had been up on display at the school. Her teacher said she has a great deal of talent. As her mom I agree!! HAHAHA

Lu's first art show!

Robot Mask ( Lin was sick and did't complete the colors she wanted on this but I think it still came out great!)

This one is Aly's fav

I remember the black and white draft of this and I was amazed then, I love the color version better. I wish she had kept the draft so you could see the difference.

She drew a pencil version of this that is at mom and dad's to be framed...

This is a photo Lin took of herself and I just love it so you get to see it.

I hope you enjoyed Lu's first art show!


Monday, May 21


Its the last official week of school can I get a WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!