Sunday, September 26

To My Rob

17 years of love, laughter, tears, disappointments, separations, and magical moments. I still thank god every day for the moment he put you in my life 26 years ago. I love you and I miss you. I can’t wait for you to be home with us where you belong.

Happy anniversary to the man who stole my heart.


Saturday, September 25

New Family Tradition

Yes in my family we have a new tradition. See Mom calls and says” Dad & I have all our supplies and we are ready. We will call you when it is over.” I spend the weekend worrying about them, my brother’s family, my grandmother, and my uncle’s family. They call Monday and say “we are all doing great…just cleaning up again.”

Please say a prayer for my family and all those in the path of Jeanne.

Then we can pray that the new one “Lisa” I think her name is…goes AWAY!



I can’t honestly say that I have had many perfect days especially since Rob l left. If I were to be totally honest with you I would have to admit that most days end with me crying. I miss my husband and nights are still the hardest. You would think after 21 years of him being in the Army and gone I would have figured out how to not cry so much. I’m open or suggestion and if anyone has the secret recipe please share!


One day last week I had to return movies, go to Wally world, return a pair of pants and get gas. You know everyday stuff. Lindsey had a ton of homework and couldn’t come. She is my shopping partner. Alyssa will ALWAYS choose to stay home. She hates shopping(So not my child).

So I give them the usually instructions. NO answering the door or phone, and NO using the stove. I also say NO fighting but they are siblings. Alyssa looks at me and says “ I think I will come with you.” This was me . I said “ Alyssa honey you know I need to do some shopping? Are you sure?” she said yes and off we went.

My first stop was Cato’s I had to return some pants and of course I always look around. Usually Alyssa will want to stay in the truck but this time she wanted to come in with me. Not only did she find some things she liked she actually tried them on. We found her a pair of jeans (Thank you Jesus) and a few cute tops. The best part she picked them all out and not once did I have to say ” No to hoochie mama or NO to short”

Our next stop was Wally world and she found more clothes there. Never complained about how long I was taking in the hair care isle or the craft section. We actually were joking and laughing the whole time. To top it off in each store we went to she found something for her sister too.

After returning the video we came home and she was so excited to show lin what we had bought.

It was a great afternoon. I told her in the truck coming home that I had such a good time with her. She was shocked. She said “Mom you liked shopping with me? I guess we should do this more I had fun.”

Hey it doesn’t get anymore perfect then that!!!


Sunday, September 19

Things I have learned this weekend.

We needed milk and I needed creamer (Coffee just isn’t coffee anymore with out the creamer!) So we went to Wal-mart. The girls headed for the electronics (so like their father) and I headed towards the grocery isles. The closer I got the louder it got. BY loud I mean peoples voices. I arrived at the milk isle to see HUNDREDS of people waiting in line.

I parked my cart and proceeded to try to get to the milk and creamer…one lady turned and gave me a look like Who do you think you are??” while a Wal-mart employee stopped me and said .” the line forms by the freezer items.” I looked at her in disbelief…then said “ Are you serious? You expect me to stand in that line for Milk and creamer?? Is it free??

Half the people around us started laughing. Then I was informed that the line was to see Dolly Parton. She was visiting our Wal-mart to promote her new CD. I looked at the line and said No thanks I just want milk and creamer. Got it and ran!

Now walking back to the electronics I noticed at least 5 large signs saying Dolly here today!!!, I never noticed them on my way to the grocery Isles. On the way in I had remembered seeing the local country music stations remote van out side and thought nothing of it or the fact that I had to circle 3 times to find a parking spot. What did I learned? I have got to start paying more attention to my surroundings.


The girls went to the Y.M.C.A. for Teen Scene night. The cost is $3.00 per child and they serve them pizza and soda. The kids can swim, play basketball, dance, play ping-pong and a whole list of other things. Each room is staffed and there are police officers on the scene incase of trouble.

The girls have been begging me to go and I have been hesitant because well you know I worry. You name it I worry about it. I did talk to a to of parents I respect and they let their children go. Not to mention I knew the two police officers outside and I trust their judgment. And they are locked in. NO leaving the building unless a parent comes for them.

So there I was my girls were gone from 8- midnight. I had talked about this for a week. Time to myself! It has been a very long time since I have been able to have time to myself. Rob called and I bragged about it. TIME TO MYSELF!!!

You know what? I had NO clue what to do with time to MYSELF!!!! None I was lost. Thank god the food whore was home to keep me company. That’s right I spent my whole time on the phone with her.

What did I learn? Before wishing for alone time. Find something I want to do alone!!! I missed my girls! I’m such a whimp!!!


Tuesday, September 7

Hanging My Head

I know, I know. I don’t even know where to start to apologize. I am haning my head in shame sorry!

I will promise to try and update more.

I thought I would take this moment to update while I wait for the timer to go off. My girls have informed me they are hungry again. Yeah like I didn’t get it the first time.

Tonight for dinner we are having bad stuff. Fish sticks (Please don’t tell the food whore!). I can’t help it I am one of those people who like fish sticks. I also made spacey rice (my own recipe) and corn to go with it. So I guess only the fish sticks are bad, right?

My weekend was interesting. I spent it said prayers for my family in South Florida and nursing my nose. Yeah, Mom, dad, and all my family were right in the path of Frances. I have good news they are fine and mom called to say their house had no damage other then a loose screen. I haven’t been able to talk to my brother yet, but he did send a message through mom they were fine.

My nose, well here it is, sometime while I was sleeping Friday night I was bit on my nose by a spider. The good new is, is that it was poisonous. My nose however was HUGE and red and it hurt. Now it is just red and hurts, not much the doctor could do for me since I don’t have an infection. So I will nurse it with hot compresses and ointment.

I did talk to Rob and he is doing good. 420 days till I can hug him again!

Well it’s time to eat and clean up. I am ready to hit the sack early tonight.