Tuesday, March 28

My Girls

I took this picture of the girls Saturday at Lin's birthday party.

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They grow and change way too quick!!

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This was taken last year..Lin has grown so much she may just catch up to Alyssa


Sunday, March 26

Birthday Wishes

Wednesday is Lindsey's 12th birthday so we did her party yesterday. This is my favorite picture she is blowing out her candles.

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12 Wishes

I'll post the rest of the pictures and party details on Wednesday.

Yesterday was the actually birthday of my Niece Jamie

Happy 19th birthday Jamie


More Pictures of Mom & Dad's House

Yesterday we took some pictures that we thought were better angles of the house.

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Living room from front door

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Lving room and kitchen from formal dinning area

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View from the livingroom to the front door and formal dinning area The floors are beautiful where the carpet is in the corner and the hall are being replaced with wood.

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Going into the kitchen from the formail dinning area.

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View of kitchen from the eat-in nook.

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View of the eat-in nook area from the living room

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This is the private sitting area in the master bedroom.

Finally the new washer and dryer....I WANT THESE!!!!!!
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Tuesday, March 21

Walking For Cancer

My dear friend Kris is walking for Cancer.

I don't know anyone who has not had a loved one suffer from this horrible disease. Her goal is a moderate 1,000.00. I hope you will consider helping her reach it and more.

I challenge all of my friends and family that read this blog to please match my donation of $20.00. Just click here to Match My Donation!


Sunday, March 19

Personal DNA

I took the test and here are the results:

If you have the time and want to read my full report just click Read my profile

If you take the test let me know I would love to check it out.


Saturday, March 18

Guess What!


My week ended great...I got an A on my math test Thursday. At this moment I believe I have a C in the class and that is what I need to pass. WAHOOOOOOO!!! I just have to keep it going till May 4

Wish me luck.


Sunday, March 12

House Hunting

Mom and dad arrived early and well. We had a nice dinner and chatted then a phone call from the realtor about house hunting tomorrow (Saturday). After a few minutes of watching my dad's face I could see the frustration building. I look at my mom and she is now laughing. It seems their realtor has a heavy southern accent and my father is deaf so combine the two and well its nothing but comic relief for mom. Honestly it was a bit funny to watch...its like watching to see how high a soda will spray after shaking it and handing it you some poor guy to open...everyone takes bets.

So I am sitting there watching and listening and I hear "No my daughter isn't coming she has to study." Go dad because I did in fact have studying to do. Mom stops laughing looks at me and says "You're not going to go with us just for a little while?" Uh oh. I tell her no I have studying to do.

Then it happens the lid is taken off and he blew...next thing I know I hear "You want me to meet you where? Where?? Can you say it again?" Wham I am now on the phone with Vicki and her deep southern twang. Not only was the accent heavy but the woman talked faster then is humanly possible...and before I know it I have agreed to bring the parents to the drop of point and go house hunting with them.

Its all good I can study in the evening when Katrina (my friend and tutor) comes over.

We are up and out at 8 am and it's a beautiful day. Mom insists on going to breakfast since we are meeting Vicki at I HOP. We got in just in time, it seems to be the hot spot here in town on an EARLY Saturday morning. Order and mom sees Vicki's truck...I am sent out to bring her in. I explain to Vicki that dad is VERY hard of hearing and she needs to talk SLOWLY AND CLEARLY! Vicki said"No problem her husband it also a bit deaf!"

The rest of the day progressed as follows:

Mom:"I don't want to live way out in the boonies"

First house we looked at was beautiful but let me say this...BOONIES! Lots of farm land, cows, and horses.

Second house father out then first house...dad loves the trees, Mom is now counting cows.

Around the 5th or 6th or 7th house in the boonies we stop to look at a very cute house( at least from the outside.) Still under construction but it has promise. Vicki tries the key ...broken in the door, (that was the first sign we should have moved on.) Dad says maybe a window is open let me go around back Mom and I walk around to the garage...dad comes back around says he found an open window ... I walk to look at said window mom decides to wait (smart lady) I take a few steps behind dad...wow he is walking funny...oh wait ...shit I am sinking ...HELLO I am sinking in a mud hole...look at dad he is sinking...look at mom for help she is laughing so hard that I would have been lost forever if I didn't find a way out. I spent no kidding 20 min trying to remove mud from the shoes and of course Mom is still laughing. We move on the next house and it is also still under construction...and HAS A HUGE MOUND OF SAW DUST AND DIRT that I graciously walked right through because I couldn't see it in the MIDDLE OF THE DARK LAUNDRY AREA!!!! Vicki I think at that point was wishing she had stayed home... we were all driving in her nice new Ford F150. Yeah sorry Vicki! Actually we found some scraps of carpet on the site to put in her truck.

Mom not looking happy, Dad constantly saying "Can you speak up I did hear that." , Vicki looking exhausted and trying to speak up louder for dad, me now full of mud, dust, and dirt thinking I still have to study!!

One thing Dad could hear well was every time my phone rang. I would hear " Tell them you will call them later." Maybe he was worried I would give out the details and ask for a rescue team!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA

In the middle of all the fun my SIL calls I love talking to her to bad she wasn't with us to enjoy it all! She made a request for some form of water near by when she comes to visit. I am going to offer her the mud hole!!! It was the closest I could find.

I finally did get to study and it went well. Mom and dad are out again on the great house hunt. Wish them luck!


Friday, March 10


I am not a ditch some where dead honest! Sorry about being MIA but time just seems to fly by and I rarely have time to update.

I am happy to report I got a 75 on my last math test WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! There is hope for me to pass this class yet. Really that is where most of my extra time has been going. I don't mind as long as it keeps paying off.

Work is good, some days are more stressful then other but hey that's life suck it up and move on.

The girls are doing good. We are planning Lindsey's 12th birthday party, see we all know she is twelve but she seems to think she is 20! HAHAHAHA! I do believe we have agreed to have hair and nails done by a friend (who happens to be an awesome hairdresser) at the house and then we will take them to the movies. She got to invite 5 friends. Originally it was going to be a sleepover but that had to change.

Mom and dad are as I type this on their way here. I am getting very excited. A little strange too I mean to think this isn't the usual 2 week visit. You know?

The back door to the house is being replaced also at this moment. We had an issue with it for a while and now the damn thing just doesn't close so a little over $900.00 bucks both screen and storm doors are being replaced. At the rate we are replacing things in this house it will be new when we go to sell it.

Rob bought me a present last Saturday and taunted me with "It will be ready Wednesday." So Wednesday evening he gave me my gift. New wedding set. It is very nice. I'll post a photo of it later today.