Sunday, July 29


Last week Alyssa saw a neurologist and was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. We have been blessed in two ways. First, her A.D.D. meds are working to also keep her tourettes symptoms under control. Second, she has what they consider a mild form of the tourettes (no sudden vocal outburst, just body twitches and a huff). The biggest shocker for me was when he told us it was hereditary. I can't think of one person in our family or Rob's family who had any symptoms of tourettes.

Wednesday she is going to see a psychologist. Stress is a major factor for the onset of her Tic's so we are going to work on a stress management plan. Alyssa took the news so well. She was happy to finally understand what was going on. I am not going to tell you she wasn't also upset. No 15 year old wants a "new problem" that they cannot control. Over all I think she is doing very well.

I didn’t take the news as well. I am ashamed to say I have been heartbroken by the news. I haven't let her see me cry but I have cried just about ever night since we found out. I think I would have taken the news better if it was me that had been diagnosed. As parents we want our children to have perfect lives with no complication. I think I am just worried about her and school. If she has a really bad tic day like she did a few weeks could be so embarrassing for her and kids can be so cruel.

Thank you all for your prayers and love.


Saturday, July 14

Prayers for Alyssa

We spent Tuesday in the E.R just about all of the day. At first I wasn't sure what was going on. In many ways it reminded me of seizure. At any rate Alyssa has developed what they are calling “a tick". The tick makes her body move uncontrollably and her eyes also twitch. With out notice she has I don't what to call it, little spasms? Her CAT scan, blood work and other tests came back normal. She is being scheduled for an EEG and to see a neurologist. Any prayers and good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Also if you could say a prayer for my grandmother she sees her oncologists this week. We already know she is terminal we just want to give the most out of her life now.


Friday, July 13

Happy Birthday to.....ME!!

Last Sunday was my Birthday the big 43!! I don't mind, I don't look at it as getting older just better. I think I am improving like a fine wine! :O)

I had a very nice party in the backyard with loads of family and friends. My friends Erik & Danette spent hours helping me get ready. I could not have had a party with out them! I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends. Yes someone took pictures!

My cake!

On the invitation I asked for NO GIFTS, I really thought of them coming and sharing my speical day with me as their gift to me,my friends don't listen..but I love them all anyway!! The kids loved the gift part!
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Dad and Mem

A great picture of mom and the girls
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Lindsey with her sisters and other mother

A few friends

Look at these handsome young men!

Alyssa and her buddy

I know this looks like she is killing Hunter, when I yelled at Alyssa he said "NO!! I am fine were are playing." Yeah ok


Sunday, July 1

Welcome Mem!

My grandmother has moved here to live with my parents. She is 88 years old and until this time has lived on her own. How amazing is that! We are so happy she chose to come and live here. Mem is my father's mother. My uncle and cousin drove her up. I hadn't seen them in 4 year so it was great to see them. The girls LOVED having them here. Alyssa really loved Brian. You knew I would have pictures!!

Mem with my Uncle Dennis

The girls with their great uncle

The girls and Brian

Of course they took a picture of us so here it is:

Can you believe how tall the girls are getting!!!

My girls have spent so much time away from my family it is just wonderful they will get to spend time with my grandmother now. I think it is so important they have their own real memories of her.