Saturday, December 25

Christmas Day

Here are just a few pictures of Christmas Day.
We decorate cookies last night. They did a great job, we have lots of great cookies to eat today.

Lindsey has been dying for these skates. I had her convinced she wasn’t going to get them! You have to love that face!

Dad really wanted this player. Mom called a few weeks ago and I snuck out and picked it up!

Here is Alyssa a real Auburn fan!

Mom trying to keep warm! It's been damn cold here the past few days. For those Floridians it feels like we live in Alaska. HAHA I have to admit I have been cold too.
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Wednesday, December 22

They Have Arrived!

My parents arrived early yesterday. Of course the only room I wasn’t done was my room. I had been moving everything to that room. When dad saw my room he said” it hasn’t changed from when you were 13.” HAHAHA it’s the truth. They visited with the girls while I cleaned.

When mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I told her she could buy me "A" lamp for my room. One cost $69.00. I have been waiting and hoping they would go on sale but of course they never did. Dad called back and said order two. So here are my new lamps! This is with out flash. I hate lamps in the bedroom that are too bright. If we need real light we will use the overhead light. It looks dark but actually it is so cozy now I just can't wait for Rob to come home!!

I think once our bathroom is done I need to paint our room. I plan to redo the pictures also. Rob has already given me the green light to remove any of his sports stuff I want so...say bye to Jeff Gordon!

One more picture with the flash on this time. When I spoke to Rob today I told him the lamps were in. I love that man dearly but when it comes to our room quilts and lamps are not safe around him. I am still amazed I have had this quilt on my bed for 6 months and it isn’t stained, torn, or discolored. We will have to start a pool when he gets home to see how long it takes to get the first mark on my quilt.

Tomorrow my MIL and g-mil in law arrive. It will be something to have a house full of family! Only one person missing! 314 days till he returns to us!


Sunday, December 19

Crunch time!

Mom & dad arrive Tuesdays sometime and my MIL & GMIL arrive @ 12:30 pm. The girls so excited they can barely stand it. I am pretty excited too. I am also sad, I wish Rob were here. This will be the first time both sets of grandparents were in our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Of course it probably wouldn’t be happening it Rob were here because they are coming for the kids.

The house as you can guess is nowhere near ready and it has been raining all night. So I woke up to the little ant bastards in the kitchen again. As I killed I told them. “ You all must die parents and grandparents are coming!! Go live next door!!!” I will AGAIN call the exterminator. I had been so happy, I was finding dead ones by the traps but now they seem to have grown immune to it!!!

It is also gift-wrapping time for the Enlisted Spouses Club. This year I am very proud to announce I was NOT the chair for this event. Have to get my minimum amount of hours in before the 23rd so I can enjoy my company. I have been running errands, cleaning, and wrapping.

The girls are spending the night at my friend Andrea’s house. She is also the teacher I work with. I love working with her. My girls love hanging with her and she has a 5-year-old daughter I get to spoil. She also has a new puppy, A sheltie Collie who is too cute. So, while the girls are with her tonight I can finish cleaning my house and get their presents wrapped.

That’s the plan anyway. I haven’t been able to complete many tasks with out getting side tracked so …wish me luck.


Saturday, December 11

Christmas Picture

The girls and I went to our Tea Kwon Do Christmas party. The food was good and we had our picture taken to send to Rob.

Us at our Tea Kwon Do party
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Wednesday, December 8

Its Not My Fault!

When did we stop being responsible for our choices? I was reading this article Hardee's Monster Burger Creates Uproar and I have to say only one word comes to mind “BULLSHIT!!!!”

Here are a few quotes:
Still, many have questioned Hardee's approach at a time when airlines say America's growing waistlines are hurting their bottom lines, costing them more in fuel.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a Washington-based advocate for nutrition and health, dubbed the Thickburgers "food porn," the Monster "the fast-food equivalent of a snuff film."

Food porn? Snuff film? Hell who runs the “The Center for Science in the Public Interest” a drama queen?

The " public" should responsible for their choices. If you are trying to lose weight then don't stuff your face with a Thickburger. That should be common sense, apparently its not.

Hell the name " Thickburger" alone is a hint of what will happen to your waistline if you eat it.

One more quote:

"At a time of rampant heart disease and obesity, it is the height of corporate irresponsibility for a major chain to peddle a 1,420-calorie sandwich," the center said.

Why are the corporations irresponsible? We aren’t talking about toxic waste here, were talking about a hamburger! Last I heard we still have the right in this country to say ” NO” and chose not to purchase something.It's called "Freedom of choice".

Personally I think there are way too many people blaming someone else for their poor life choices.It’s never their fault.

To the drama queens out there I say "Grow up, take responsibility for your life and your choices."

Give me a break!


Monday, December 6

Tired, Blessed & Not Forgotten

Attackers strike U.S. consulate in Saudi Arabia

Lindsey heard the news on her radio tonight and came out in tears. I promised her that daddy wasn’t close to the bombings. I showed her a map so she could see how far he was from it.

I haven’t heard from Rob but in my heart I know he is ok…but still I check my email every 10 minutes and jump to answer when the phone rings. It would still be good to hear from him. I probably won’t sleep much tonight I’ll be worried till I hear his voice.

With the elections coming up things are only going to get worse. More attacks, more worry, more tears.

God I want him home.

I am tired of worrying.

I am tired of missing him so much I ache.

I am tired of my children in tears.

I am tired of doing it all alone every day.

As tired as I am…

I am still blessed. My husband is still here on this earth and in 330 days he will be back with us. Safe.

There are families who are spending their first Christmas with out a loved one.

Heroes ,who’s families are now alone.

Their tears are not going to end soon.

Remember them, pray for them, and help if you can.

Operation Ensuring Christmas

Fallen Heroes Last Wish Foundation


Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Operation Family Fund

Freedom Alliance


Saturday, December 4

Holiday's Tears & Growing Girls

The tree is finally up and decorated. It took us a little while to get it done. Every time we would start to decorate it ended with us in tears.

This has to be the hardest part now, the holidays. I knew it was going to be tough and I thought I was ready, but of course I was wrong.

I thought really that it was going to be harder on the girls and I would be working to just get them through it. It turns out however that it is harder on me and they are helping me get through it.

Driving down the road to school the radio played announcements from soldiers, and some of soldiers their families who are over seas and at the end the D.J. said” Thank you to all our service members so far from home this holiday season. Thank you also to their families who are keeping their home fires burning.” I don’/t know why but that just hit me so hard I couldn’t stop crying.

Mom and dad will be here in a few weeks and I can’t wait. Rob’s mom and his grandmother will also be arriving the 23rd. The girls are just so happy they are coming. It will be so good to have them here. I know we will have some sad moments but in all I think this will help get the girls through the holidays.

I have almost all the girls shopping down for Christmas. Mom finally give me a small something to get for her and dad.

We are sending out Rob’s other boxes Monday. I hate mailing him boxes …sometimes it feels like I mail my heart with them. I have an illogical theory that if I keep all the things here he said he needs that eventually he ill have to come and get them. Yeah I know. Seems like he has been gone longer then 11 months. We 332 days till he returns. God I can't wait!!

Here is a picture of Alyssa, she had her Christmas Band Concert Thursday. I think she looks so cute, she on the other hand hated the outfit!

She has changed so much since Rob left. He is coming home to a young lady not a little girl. Lindaey has also changed so much. I really think Rob will be very proud of his girls. The concert was very nice. I am always amazed how quickly kids can learn things. Alyssa has come such a long way with her playing. I love to listen to her practice

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