Saturday, May 20

Summer Time

Believe it or not school is out for the summer. Talk about a year flying by. I am very proud of the girls ALyssa ended the year on the honor roll and Lindsey brought all her low grades up. With all the stress in the house the last few months I think they did amazing.

Now my girls are moving on Alyssa will now be in high god how did that happen? I am way to young to have a daughter in high school...didn't I just graduate from there myself? Ha!

Alyssa school picture:

She looks so grown already, she hates makeup and maybe just because I am the mom I think she is beautiful with out it.

Lindsey is now in 7th grade...geeze where did my babies go??? Here is her school picture:
I love that she acutally smiled a normal smile here. Usually she has this fake grin. And when I tell you "Little Ms. Diva" spent many hours on her hair and clothes believe it. She said her stomach looks "puffy" in the picture. Hello how can anything look "puffy" when you are a size "00"??


Anonymous Yvonne said...

Gail the girls are beautiful! I can not believe Alyssa is going to highschool next year. Wow! I bet they both have the boys chasing after them.

My kids are jealous you are out of school already. They are in school until June 16th here.

8:19 PM, May 20, 2006  
Blogger Homefront Six said...

If they get any more beautiful, I may fall over. Lindsey looks like one of the Olsen twins! Wow. And yes, Alyssa looks beautiful without makeup.

What a testament to you as a mother that they thrived even though everything else was going on.

- hfs

2:28 AM, May 21, 2006  
Anonymous kasey said...

Where are my cute girls?? These are absolutely beautiful young women! I can't believe how much Alyssa looks like you.

10:54 AM, May 22, 2006  

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