Thursday, May 25

What's Up

What's up with us? Well school is out and it's summer vacation. Seems to me the year went incredibly fast. It may take more then the summer for me to adjust that Alyssa is starting high school. Although, the girls have already started swimming and having fun. Good for them they need so fun!! Hell I need some fun.

I started classes last night. I was so happy when I left my math class...I know me happy about a math class but its true I actually understood everything the instructor said! AMEN!!! There is such a big difference in having the knowledge and being about to reach your students and teach them that knowledge. If nothing else my last class was a lesson in what I should never do as a teacher.

We are preparing for Rob to leave. We did the hardest part and told the girls what was going on. I think they were upset but at the same time not surprised. I know you all may think I am a fool but I still pray nightly that we will be able to work things out. After everything I still love him very much. I don't see how someone can be a part of your life for 28 years and you just stop having feelings for them.

I went to the dr and now am on an anti-depressant. I should help with my wide range of emotions. If I start to feel like NOT me I plan to stop taking it. We will see.

Alyssa is very excited X-Men III comes out Friday. WE have already prepaid for the tickets. She loves X-men...hello Hugh Jackman can you blame her!! Alyssa is also going to High school camp with the local church here. It's only 4 days and I think she really needs to get out and experience other things then sitting in her PJ's watching tv!

Lindsey will be going to camp too this summer. She on the other hand I have to MAKE stay home! I do believe to her HOME is a four letter word.

I have several summer projects that I wish to accomplish this break. Yes it includes pulling down wallpaper and painting!! Isn't that what breaks are for???


Blogger colleen said...

Like the gas we pass in class ....all this will come to pass... glad to hear you told the girls..figured they might have already figured it out ... glad you have a good teacher this go round.. Alyssa should have fun at camp this is a great bunch of kids ..ROTC usually has a meet the freshman swim party some time in the summer.. like Lindsey I need super glue to keep KT home... it's part of being a "social butterfly" which you can relate to... some people need to around people and some of us don't

9:07 AM, May 26, 2006  

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