Saturday, January 28

Thank You Leen

My friend Leen gave me a beautiful lamp yesterday. It is the dinning room window.

You knew there would be pictures!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Full view
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The bottom lights up as well I'm just out of nightlight bulbs.

Full view with flash
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First "F"

Well it finally happened, my honeymoon with school is over. I have been doing great, 98 average all the way across....then I got a new (as in never taught very young...) teacher.

She gave us a practice test and I quote" If you do well on this test you will do well on the test." I only had two wrong on the practice exam, I studied the types of problems on the practice exam...get the test...NOTHING that was on the practice exam was on the test.

Result my first F!

When I talked to my teacher about it (actually about half the class talked to her) her reply to us was"My advice would be get a tutor and redo the chapter by your selves."

I can't wait to critique her at the end of the semester.


Sunday, January 22

I've Been There Man...

A friend emailed me this site where you check all the states you have been too.

create your own visited states map

Honestly I have driven through just about all the states. I only counted the states I actually stayed the night and visited attractions.


Saturday, January 21

See I Care

Mom called to tell me her aging eyes just couldn't handle my blog. It was just too hard to read so because I love her I fixed it. Mom is this better??

See I care :o}


Monday, January 16

Prayers for Gunter

Seems our big guy is having problems with his left hip. It may be a common problem known as Hip dysphasia or a tear in one of his ligaments. He was running yesterday and started crying hobbling over to us with his leg up. I massaged it and gave him a Tylenol for the pain. After about an hour he wanted to go running again. Today again when he was outside he started limping and crying so we are making him stay down. He is not a happy guy often grumbling and huffing. I think he is even a bit grouchy. I think he is harder to keep down then a toddler



I don’t think shopping will ever be the same. When I was redoing some of the rooms in the house I started looking online for items cheaper. Let me tell you there are a list of great places you can shop on line. What is also great is you can check some of them out with the BBB Online .

When I wanted this printImage hosted by but didn't want to pay $80.00 for it I went toAll Posters.comI paid $15.98 for the print and the total cost framed was under $32.00.

I also found my quilt on line for $50.00 on sale, the orignal price was %100.00. Another great deal was my shams for my bed. Only $7.99 on sale atHome

At the moment I am looking for a Loft bed for Lindsey. We wanted a full size bed on top and she wants it to be metal. I found this site Simply so far this is the one in the lead Check it out. We haven't been able to find anything here for under $1500.00. I'll keep you posted on how this goes.


Saturday, January 7

Back Too Normal?

Back to norma...interesting phrase I honestly couldn't tell you what normal is after all one persons idea of normal maybe totally unreal for another person.

For me it is saying good-bye to company and getting back to a daily routine. Next week Alyssa and I start back at the gym, Lin goes back to Hi YA (Tea kwon do for you new readers), and I start back to school.

Normal for Rob I have no freaking clue, I haven't lived with him for two years and many things have changed so we will have to see what normal is for him.

This should be good wish us luck!


Sunday, January 1

Bad Omens and New Years Resolutions

Do you think it is a bad omen to start the New Year with out sleep? I couldn't sleep last night no matter what I did and trust me I tried it all. I hope this isn't a sign of what 2006 will bring!

2005 sucked period and I so happy to have it gone. I pray 2006 will be so much better. I normally don't make New Year Resolutions but this year I did. I won't give you all the details but I will say part of it is TAKING ANY SHIT FROM ANYONE.I had enough of that in 2005 to last a lifetime!