Monday, December 25

Christmas Day

Rob's mom wanted a grandmothers ring which we bought her from the girls and the girls wanted IPods in a bad here they are opening them:


Sunday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Mom and dad joined the girls, my mil, gmil, and myself for dinner. I also invited a few friends. I really love to cook and bake during the holidays. Here's a look at our buffet:

Alyssa and Lindsey helped me bake the goodies:

Every Christmas Eve the girls get new Pj's for santa. Take a look at this years:

Here's a really wake up. Lin may look shorter then Aly in this picture but if she was standing straight she is only about an inch shorter. She has grown almost 3 inches since last June and she is all legs!!!!

Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 17


The girls and I decorated the tree and house this weekend. I think this is the best tree we have ever had and I am very excited that my nativity scene finally fits where I have always wanted to put it ON MY FIREPLACE!!

You knew there would be pictures:

Nativity first!

Sparky I received the box thank you so much for the candles. I had planned on calling you this evening but I had company!I am sorry and I will be calling.

The tree with flash I wanted to show the garland since I never use it I kind of really like it this year. I decided that since I was moving on in a new direction wtih my life I should do some things a tad different. I know garland, what a risk taker I am!!

Alyssa wanted flashing lights which is ok but I didn't want the whole tree to flash. Makes me a bit dizzy, so we only put flashing lights in the center and they don't FLASH they twinkle dammit!!!

Last year I hardly put any decorations out, but this year I just feel more festive so I took out all my snowman stuff. I have a nice little collection going. This year in every room is something with a snowman. I have started wrapping and placing gifts under the tree, the best part about the girls age is that I can drive them nuts for a week! HAHAHAHAHAHAA

Merry Christmas!


Friday, December 15

Let There Be Lights

Lindsey and her friends finished the lights. I think they did a good job considering it was their first time doing it!

Lu and Gracie getting ready to put up lights. It was 20 degrees that day and with the wind it came out to be about 10.

I did take the ladder out for them...but they had other plans.

Finished product!

I think this one shows the Santa better not to mention Gunter looking a bit rabid!


Thursday, December 14


I am done with math! It was a struggle and I was worried till the end but I did it. I was disappointed that I only made a C in the class but hey I am done. I worked so hard I couldn't have done any more so I need to just be happy with that.

So on to other classes and I am sure new struggles. I have learned a lot about myself so far and I must confess I am very proud of me!!! I never thought I could do this.

I am really going to try and enjoy this break. Once I get the house clean, the Christmas decoration up, gifts wrapped, shopping done..........


Saturday, December 9

Getting There!

I have finished Lu Christmas shopping. She was really not that hard but everything she wanted was expensive. Go figure. I have had people tell me they get more expensive as they get older. Yup sure enough it's true. Oh yes and Gunter is done too. His present is hiding under my bed. SHHHHHHHHHH don't tell him.

I have also finished Rob's grandmother. I have almost finished Marge (MIL). Mom and dad are done. The girls finished Rob they just have to mail it. I still have some many to get something for. Not big something’s, I am a single parent and I do need to save what I can just in case but, I still wanted to do a little something for all the people who have loved and supported me over the last few years. Some will be getting bake goods other, A little more.

This weekend is nothing but studying. I have a final and a major project due Monday then my math final Tuesday. I took a math test Thursday. Study so hard for this damn test and ended up leaving there crying all the way home. I have a horrible feeling I may have to redo this freaking class. It just burns my butt because I have worked SO hard in this class. Oh well.

Lindsey and her friends are putting the Christmas lights up out side. I am very interested in how it is going to look. I have been taking pictures of them working so I will post them when the lights are done.

I just have to keep my sanity till Wednesday then I get a nice long break before school starts again.


Tuesday, December 5

Turning Back

Sometimes no matter how hard you may want to go back...there is NO turning back. So I march forward!

Finals the next week send me all the good vibes you can spare!