Thursday, June 30

Work! Work! Work!

Since Karla and her son arrived we have been working on the yard. ALL the kids had to work hard…look at this!



tree3. This is just the back yard...I willpost the front yard tomorrow. It looks amazing. I need to find some before pictures first!!

Look at those limbs
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The kids are wiped out and now in hiding...I think they are afraid we will find more work for them!! I wouldn't have been able to get this all done without everyone helping. My friend Andrea stopped by to meet Karla and she ended up working too!!!


Sunday, June 26

Updates & Goings On

My friend Ann is doing much better and they are hoping she will be home with her family this week. It does seem she had Viral Meningitis. She said to thank you all for the prayers.

Goings On:
I am very excited my close friend Karla is coming for a visit today. She and her son will be staying a week. Karla is the kind of friend that you have fun with no matter what you do. We could have fun watching grass grow!!!

I’ll try and sneak some pictures for you all.


Thursday, June 23

Yeah Me!!

Tuesday I had a big math test. If you know me you know math and test are two words that stress me out!
Tonight our teacher walked into class and he wasn’t happy, he said only 1 person got a 100%, 2 people got 90 something’s and 3 people got B’s and the rest he said “ Didn’t study!!”. I prayed, “ Please let me get no less then a B.”

Turns out I GOT the 100%!!!!!! ME!! ONLY ME!!!!!!! YEAH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don’t know how much I needed this A!!!!


Prayers Needed

My dear friend Ann is in the hospital, she has 5 boys ages 15- 3 months. They think she has a form of Meningitis. When Alyssa was 3 weeks old I also had a form of memegitis and it is very painful. She and her family could use our prayers


Tuesday, June 21


The living room is done and you are all invited to celebrate with me!

Yesterday the mail man rang the door, seems I had a package and in this package was…..

This the new shower curtain and inspiration to for the master bathroom. It wasn't due in till mid July, while the girls were at my parents, but the bugger came in yesterday.
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So now I am seriously working out the plan for the bathroom. I have a TON of paint left over from the living room. In fact believe it or not it only took 1/2 a can of red paint to do the walls in the living room. I had bought 2. It also only took 1 1/4 cans of beige to do the living room and hall I had bought 3 cans.

I would love to use some of this paint in the bathroom. But the beige seems way too dark. Our bathroom is made up of two small rooms. One has the sink and a HUGE mirror that takes up the entire wall. I hate it! The other room holds the shower and toilet. It has a sunroof in it, which is my favorite part of the bathroom.

Rob will be happy to know the tub area will be green. Every time I ask him what color he wants a room he says “Paint it green”. You would think he would have seen enough green to last him a lifetime…since he wore it everyday for 22 years!!!!

The sink area I am planning to do in two colors, green and off white or light beige. I plan to use border to divide the point between the two colors. This is a border I want use.

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When my parents come to pick up the girls I have a few things I wan t my dad to make me for the bathroom and living room. He does such wonderful work with wood. Just look at the clock he built us in the pictures below.

So that is my idea for the bathroom what do you think??


Monday, June 20

Before & After

The title says it all.

To see a larger view of the pictures simply click on it. So without further ado…

I tried my best to use the same format for the before and after shots.

The clock my dad made!

I love how the shelf looks now, what I didn't love was going up there to fix it...I hate heights!

I know these are a bit dark.

Oh yes more…

Are you sick of them yet?

New curtains and blinds, this is also a great true shot of the wall color..

The hall, Gunter thinks I am nuts.

The front door and the last picture!!! I really love the way it all looks. I have my bedroom and bath left to do.I think I will take a break from painting for a bite first.

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Today Lindsey left for camp. It will be her first time ever at camp and away from home. She will be gone Monday – Friday. Needless to say I am very stressed, Alyssa never wanted to go and since they girls have never been away with out Rob or I this is a whole new deal for me. My stomach is killing me and last night I hardly slept at all.

I think I would have been ok if she could call, but they are not allowed to use the phones unless it is an emergency. She went with friends from school so hopefully she will be ok.

OMG is it Friday yet???


Sunday, June 19


That’s right I am done painting. Thank god because I don’t think I could do anther day of this.

I plan to put together before and after pictures tomorrow, but I think my mom will kill me if I don’t post a few previews.

It is dark here so these are not the best.


Look at all this room!

This one is to very good, I will have better pictures tomorrow. Until then I AM DONE!!!!
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Saturday, June 18

Preview Time

Yes I am still painting trim, a job that seems endless! I did want to share this one before and after picture. Part of the reason for all this was to make more room in the living room. Of all the changes this is my favorite so far!

I love the fact that the TV stands higher now and the clutter is less. More pictures to come. I hope to have the room done tonight!
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Friday, June 17

Color! Color!

Let me say that it is very intimidating to see all this color when you are so use to white. I am a little over whelmed but I think once we get finished with the trim and the ceiling and all the stuff is back in place I will feel better.

I know…let the pictures begin By the way, Eric’s surgery was postponed so we did the living room right on schedule after all!

We grey primed the walls where the red was going.

Color finally

More color! I love the red it looks so crisp!

Only trim left to do.

The BIG red wall!!!

Connecting walls.
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So there you have it so far. The hallway is the same color as the tan wall. There is so much trim to do I may be painting trim for weeks! We are also painting the ceiling the same color as the trim and it just made the room come together so much. I can’t wait to be done and move the stuff back in.

Tonight the entertainment center is going out the door and some friend’s husbands are coming to lift the HUGE TV and move things out for me.

Eric is doing a great job and even his girlfriend has been helping.

Ok back to painting trim I will keep you posted!!


Thursday, June 16

Prayers for Tiffany

Please say a prayer for our friends Jeff’s & Melissa’s daughter Tiffany. She is 15 and has been in the hospital for a few days now because of problems she is having with her pancreas.

She hasn’t been able to eat in a week and is just now starting to gain her strength back. They are trying to determine the cause of her illness and so far have come up with nothing. The next step maybe surgery and they are of course very worried.

They are a wonderful loving and caring family. Jeff is our Tae Kwon Do instructor he checks on the girls and regularly and has been such a wall of strength for us all.


Tuesday, June 14

Baby Steps

The living room is on its way. The new tables are here and last night the surround sound was rewired through the attic, we no longer have ugly wires trailing our wall, which alone has to be the biggest improvement. Seeing those wires on the walls drove me nuts! WE had planned to start painting on Wednesday but the person I hired found out last week he would have to have surgery and it is planned for Wednesday. So, I will have to wait for the paint to get up.

I have decided to paint my bedroom and that will be happening tomorrow. The ceiling isn’t that high in there so I can do that myself. It is going to be the middle color Gold buff. I can't wait to see it on the walls.

I really would love to redo the bedroom in a more romantic motif but I Rob and I need to agree on what we feel romantic is.

Yesterday the girls and I went to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I loved it and so did the girls. There are a two love scenes but they really aren’t graphic. I think this is one I will buy.

I have class tonight…we have a test I have been worrying about this since he told us last week. I just freeze on tests so send good vibes my way.


Saturday, June 11

The Change Begins

The living room tables were finished early and arrived today. I love them. While the old tables were bigger, these just look so much nicer and they fit the space better.

Of course I have pictures!!

coffee table

end tables

Here they are together first with the old tables.

Living room2


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I am so ready to start painting I can't tell you. I'll be looking for fabric in the next few weeks to make curtains, pillow covers and table runners with. I can't wait to have it all done and enjoy it.


Friday, June 10

Alyssa ‘s Party

Tonight we had Alyssa’s party. She had 3 friends over and let tell you 4 13 year olds are as loud as 20 kindergarteners! Poor Gunter was looking for a quiet spot! Really they are a great group of girls and they had a blast.

Here are a few pictures starting with my favorite.

13 candles

The gang!

This was one of her favorite gifts a Tiger for her War Eagle room.

Alyssa cracking up!
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Wednesday, June 8

Happy Birthday

Today Alyssa is officially a teen. My god how can this be? My little girl is 13!!

Happy 13th Birthday

May all your birthday wishes come true! Daddy and I are very proud of the young lady you have become and we love you very much.


Thursday, June 2

Power of Prayer

I believe in the power of prayer and I ask that you all keep these two young men in your prayers.

Pray for Brandon:

He is 16 years old and the most amazing kid. He has been here since the day dh left, cutting my grass and doing any chores around the yard I need. He watched Gunter for me when we went to see my parents and fixed my fence with out me asking. He just takes good care of us. He has been battling bone cancer for a year now. His prognoisis is good. He is a true fighter.

Pray for John Michael.

I don’t know him personally but a good friend of mine asked tht we pray for him. His family has a journal they keep so you can see his progress. Also if you have Marriott Reward Points they really could use them so please consider donating them. At the bottom of the journal page she explains how.

Everyday I am thankful that my children are heathy and able to enjoy life. Please pray for all the children who are not and for their familes to have the strenght to lift them up and help them at their time of need.


Wednesday, June 1

Furniture Shopping

Today I did some shopping my June check will be gone as soon as I get it.

What did I buy?

Well I placed an order for the new coffee table, end tables, and TV stand. All are made 100 % pine and all will be stained in a Fruitwood stain. It was dark enough but yet light enough to go with the wall colors I chose.

The paint colors I had posted once I saw the samples were not exactly what I wanted. The summers heat was really more of a rusty brown. I really wanted something redder. So I am going with New Brick. I think it will be good.

I am sold on the Gold buff (sample few posts below for my bedroom)

Here are pictures of the furniture I bought today. Keep in mind they are unfinished.

TV stand



Coffee table
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