Thursday, September 29

This and That

I have some pictures I have been wanting to post.

The first is of my nieces. I can't believe how fast they have grown. The one on the right is 18 and the one on the left is 13.
Not only are they beautiful they are smart and they can kick butt so beware.

This is a picture of my dad's toy!
The girls LOVED riding in the rumble seat! I'm a bit jealous I don't think my hind end will fit in that seat so I may never get to ride in it! Man that looks like fun.

The next two are of the girls in July when I had their other pictures done. Yes it takes me this long to get them developed.

After a few minutes I told them they could do any poses they wanted. LMAO these are my girls, what ladies they are.

and finally a picture of me. Don't fall out from the shock.It was taken in May.

Tomorrow we are dressing up in 50's style to celebrate our principals 50th birthday. It is going to be fun and I promise some pictures...IF they come out well!!!


Tuesday, September 27

See What Happens When...

...I get a song stuck in my head! It ends up a bulletin board and an art priject. I love the book to so it was a lot of fun!


Sunday, September 25

She Can Bake

Lindsey wanted to bake something today. So I took out my "Taste Of Home" little cookbook and she made some "Cinnamon Apple Crumble". I'll post the recipe below.

Lindsey and her masterpieces
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Close up of her Cinnamon Apple Crumple Recipe below.
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Her little Apple Crumb Pie
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Recipe from "Taste of Home Brand Name Cookbook":

Cinnamon Apple Crumble

1 Package Rhodes anytime! Cinnamon Rolls, thawed
1 1/4 Cups apple pie filling
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup butter, softened

Remove thawed cinnamon rolls from pan and place on cutting board. Top rolls with apple pie filling. Using a sharp knife, cut rolls and pie filling into small pieces until well combined. Place cup-up rolls and pie filling back in pan.

In a bowl, combine sugar and flour. Cut in butter until mixture is crumbly. Sprinkle over rolls and pie filling. Bake at 350 for 40-45 minutes or until golden brown.

Yeild: 6 servings


Supporting Our Troops

Seems this weekend’s news is full of demonstrations and voices in protest to our troops.

I just wanted to give you all contact with people who are supporting our troops.
United For Our Troops

Young Heroes

America Supports You

Adopt A Platoon

Any Soldier

American Legion

There are many more organizations that support our troops.

A small reminder when those who oppose our troops rally and use their
right of "Free Speech", they are using a "GIFT" given to them by TROOPS who were willing to do the duty their country asked them to do no matter the price.

I understand wanting our servicemen and women home, there is nothing higher on my wish list then my soldier home safe with his family. While I can't bring him home any sooner I can will do everything in my power to make sure he knows I support him.


Playing With Pictures

Image hosted by
The Original

Image hosted by
Grey Version

Image hosted by
And these last two are a painters view.

Image hosted by


Seems I have way too much time on my hands. I love taking photo's and working with them.


Saturday, September 24

More Pictures

On my birthday I made the girls suffer through pictures. I really did play dirty since it was the day before they left to go to my parents and it was my birthday how could they say no. These are my two favorites.

Notice Alyssa's smile...she was saying "This is the last one right?"...and lin was agreeing.
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Lindsey was so ready for this to be over with.
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Thursday, September 22

Happy Fall

today is the first day of's forecast calls for a chilling 94!

Happy Fall


Wednesday, September 21

Math Test

Took a test Monday,you all know how much I love tests.

Yeah well got an A.

I think math is cool...for now anyway!!!!

"Go Gail, Go Gail, Go Gail..."


Monday, September 19

Where The Hell Is She?

I know where has she been?( Yes I know she is me…geez)

Well now lets see where do I start?

Well, Wednesday and Thursday are a blur. No really I can’t remember a damn thing about those two days except this….all I wanted was to crawl into bed and sleep.

Friday was stressful and a bit scary, as are all days that involve ER visits with your child. Poor Alyssa this child has no luck at all. If it is possible and not often heard of she will get it and lets not forget “the dad is deployed what else could happen?” factor!

It all starts Tuesday, and for those of you keeping track yes that was the last day I updated. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Alyssa started her (whispering so she can’t hear me and just die that I am telling you all this) cycle, I noticed she had the hiccups and honestly didn’t pay any more attention to it. She complained about some cramping and other PMS things. (Listen if you don’t get the other PMS things comment you probably don’t or will you every have PMS and hell you don’t need to know.) Gave her some Motrin and a few other little female remedies to fix her up. I believe one was the ”Listen sister, you’re preaching to the choir on the it’s not fair why do I have to have it thing ok. If god where a woman MEN would have it! Can I get a AMEN” speech.

Move on to Friday.

In the morning she mention and I mean briefly that she had the hiccups again. Off to school we went. I picked her up after school and on the ride home I noticed her entire abdomen area was jumping. I asked her what was going on and she said she had the hiccups. I was a bit worried but it was just the hiccups. Ok, no need to be an over protective mom now.

A short time later I noticed her abdomen was still jumping but there was no hiccup sound. I asked her if she was ok she said yes just tired. She and Lindsey wanted to go skating so I said ok. A night to myself! What will I do?

I’ll tell you what worry about Alyssa. My friend Andrea’ came by and we were going to go to another teachers house for drinks and food. I mentioned to her about Alyssa and we decided to stop by the skating rink to check on her and to make sure I wasn’t being an over protective mom.

Just for the record here….Lindsey was mortified we showed up. Ok so that ended up being perk LOL!

We watch Alyssa with her friends by now her whole body moves…not like a hiccup more like an involuntary tick or seizure. We decided and quick I need to call the advice nurse and get some info. They say take her to the ER (Yeah like I hadn’t already planned that)

Take her in and to make this a bit shorter. …Alyssa’s diaphragm was having spasms to the tune of about 20 a minute. The doctor said it this way ” Imagine your body doing crunches non stop for hours and you’ll have an idea how she was feeling.”. They took blood, x-rays,and urine. It was what he called a case of the hiccups run-a-muck the cause too much air in her stomach and intestines. Once things started to go wrong they went very wrong and nothing was doing what is should. So they gave her some IV meds and at first is just made her so emotional. Then she smiled and went to sleep. After about 30 minutes she started to pass gas and her stomach started to slow down.

By 2:30 am she was well enough to come home. She slept most of Saturday and Sunday, moving as if she had just ran a marathon. I spent most of Saturday in bed with a horrible headache. Partially caused by lack of sleep (I must have checked on her 10 times)and part sinus.

Sunday was a day of rest and study day since I had a test tonight in class.

So there you have it.

I did learn that farting is REALLYnecessary and that no matter how big they seem to be getting when they are laying in a hospital bed with an IV in crying they are still YOUR BABY and you just want to fix it!!!! NOW DAMMIT!!


Tuesday, September 13

Maybe I Can Make You Smile

I wanted to share with you some of the things that made me smile today. I hope you enjoy.

Me in the morning!!
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Just wanted you to know. I have entered the snapdragon part of my life.

Part of me has snapped........... and the rest of me is draggin.



He is the man!
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Sunday, September 11

Prayers for Rob

I talked to Rob briefly for a few minutes today. He had a small incident seems a Saudi National hit his SUV at 70 mph. Rob and the “Special person” he was escorting were standing out side the truck at the time. The truck spun and hit Rob sending him airborne for about 20 ft.

He was taken to the hospital and was released. He has some bruising and is really sore. They gave him some painkillers and sent him home to rest. Just keep him in your prayers.


I Have The Worlds Meanest Mom!!

Really she is here is why:

She won’t let go the mall and ”hang out” with my friends ALONE! (no adult mind you)

I mean after all I am 11 years old!!! Geez!!

Now this is a performance worthy of an Oscar!!
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The answer was still NO!


Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t let the media fool you, its not about your right to know, it’s all about their right to show has much gore and tragedy as they can. That way, they get the ratings and with that the MONEY from the advertisers.

Honore, who heads the military's Joint Task Force Katrina, said that over the next three days, officials should learn how many people died in New Orleans. He said the preliminary figure of 10,000 offered last week by some officials was "a number we'd be very happy to be wrong about."

Honore also addressed the issue of media access during recover efforts. The Bush administration, challenged in court by CNN, agreed on Saturday not to prevent the media from following the effort to recover the bodies of Katrina victims.

On Thursday, Honore said the media would be allowed "zero access" to recovery efforts. But on Sunday, he said reporters and photographers have "total access" to the area.

"I can't swing a dead cat without hitting a reporter," Honore said.

He said his concern had been that news media would report deaths before family members had been notified.
Reporters also were denied a seat on rescue craft because of concerns for overcrowding, he said.

The government is not permitting photographers to join rescuers in boats or helicopters during the mission to recover bodies from flooded homes.

CNN side of the story:

"Photographs of flood victims' bodies is part of the overall coverage of Hurricane Katrina," said Cliff Schiappa, the AP's regional photo editor for the Midwest."When choosing an appropriate image, we do not want to be gratuitous, but rather put the image in context of the flood and suffering. The government is very concerned about the recovery efforts being done in a dignified manner, as it should be done. As members of the media, it's our job to show the world that such an effort is being made and carried out."

General Honore wanted to do it right. He doesn'tneed you tagging along.

I have NO faith that you won't show bodies if you could coming out of homes.

Lets not allow the families the dignity of having time to greive and remembering the loved one as they once were.

NO, no, no, lets just show as many, decaying corps as we can.

It's about ratings.

Its all about the money.

Exactly what do you think they were going to hide CNN?? What you should have done was take the money you had to pay your fancy lawyers to file your little challenge and given it to the families trying to rebuild their lives!

It isn't all about the money, it is about loss and pain, it's about trying anyway you can to rebuild your life and move forward.

Shame on you!!!! Do your mothers know your all so freaking heartless?

I can promise you this they won't get ratings from me. I won't watch. But I am giving everything in my power to help as should we all.


Saturday, September 10


Yesterday the man came (on time) and replaced the dishwasher. I was I heaven.

In my bliss I decided to look up art project ideas for next week. Found a very cute one thankyouverymuch hit print and the printer said …..


Instanly lights on the printer started to flash at the same time the EKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEKKKKK was getting louder. I turned it off.

Stared at it for several minutes and then started laughing hysterically.

Of course the printer broke …don’t you get it ?

The dishwasher was JUST fixed!

Services will be later today for the printer.


Tuesday, September 6

Customer Service?

What is Customer Service? I found one definition.

Definition of Customer Service:
Service that seeks to acquire new customers, provide superior customer satisfaction, and build customer loyalty.

Lets take this apart ok…..

  • Service that seeks and acquires new customers: Pretty genral and easy to understand.

Most companies don’t have a problem with this one. So lets move on…

  • provide superior customer satisfaction, and build customer loyalty: Well now this is where it gets tricky.

I don’t believe that most companies know about that last passage. I mean if they did then I wouldn’t be SITTING HERE waiting for something that should have been delivered 3 hours ago!!!

I wouldn't of had to take a DAY off work to sit and wait....and I wouldn't have to call them back once the item was delivered to set up and appointment to have it INSTALLED! They would care that I was NOT a satisfied customer.

Unfortunately today’s businesses don’t care about those two little words “Customer Service”. If they did I would not be still SITTING HERE waiting.

I think it should be renamed…something more accurate like “ We Will Be There When We Get There” and then instead of "Payment" we have the option to use "I'll Pay For It When I Damn Well Feel Like It"!!!



At 11:00am on September 17, 2005 you have the chance to be part of a wonderful show of support for our troops so far from home.


National Support Our Troops Day

Sponsored by
”www.SoldiersAngels.Org" and ”www.YoungHeroes.US”

Sept. 17, 2005
11:00am to 1:00pm

In Hundreds of Cities Across America

We Believe that the Majority of Americans Support Our Troops. This is not about politics. It is about supporting ALL our Brave Men and Women in Uniform who are Serving our Country and the Cause of Democracy and Freedom.

We invite ALL Americans who Support Our Troops to Publicly demonstrate that Support in small or large gatherings in hundreds of cities and towns across America at 11:00am on September 17, 2005.

Please visit their websites to learn more.


Monday, September 5

Challenge! Are You Up To It?

"If Laura Petrie Married General Patton" has issued a "Mommy Challenge" to us all. I hope you take her up on it...I am!

Food Please
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Sunday, September 4

See Life Through A Child's Eye

A friend’s daughter wrote this poem on Friday afternoon after watching news of the hurricane aftermath. She is in the 3rd grade.

"Wind and water make us cry,
Some get sick and many die.
No food, water and shelter gone
Trees and dirt across the lawn
Dirt and sewage and people bodies
and things that come from out of potties.
Help us, help us, help us we pray,
Help, Help we say"
-Shelby C. Jaco



You knew it was only a matter of time right? So this is it for a while till I get bored again. If you are having any issues with the design please let me know.


Saturday, September 3

Helping The Children

Save The Children has set up a fund for us to help the children affected by hurrican Katrina. Just click here:
Donate to the Hurricane Katrina Fund for Children.

They offer tips on how to help children cope with disaster and crisis.
I found it very helpful in some ways. You can read it here:

How to Help Kids Cope with Disaster Ten Tips from Save the Children

There is also a download available for parents and educators. To quote from the website:
”The guide draws from the best national resources, programs and practices to meet the safety and security needs of children in rural, impoverished communities. It identifies practical models for bringing parents and community agencies together to plan for and recover from disasters.”

You may download the guide here:Download


Americans in Need

On a visit to my friend Homefront Six she writes about “Soldiers' Angels”
From her blog...

“Please visit Soldiers' Angels and give what you can. This fund is set up to help the families of soldiers in the area, many of whom are deployed and many of whom have lost everything.”

Another friend If Laura Petrie Married General Patton” reminds us the Veterans are also in need.

From her blog:
"The Armed Forces Retirement Home campus in Gulfport, MS was decimated by Katrina. Over 400 of the residents will make their way to the sister campus in Washington, DC. Two hundred fifty of them arrived earlier today. Fortunately, there were buildings that had been emptied out in preparation for renovation so they have somewhere to go. Unfortunately, they have little to nothing.
There is a list of needed items on the Armed Forces Retirement Home's website. I am sure these men and women who helped make this the great country it is would appreciate any little thing you can donate.”

I hope you will help.

Many Americans are in need right now please do all you can to help them.

An American in need!!!
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Here is the online donation form to the American Red Cross. As a military family we know how much the Red Cross does to help military families and families struck by disasters. They are in fact one of our best partners. They are working hard to help our fellow Americans who have lost so much. Please give all you can.

American Read Cross at work
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If you honestly don’t have a dollar to spare. Please consider giving blood. It will only cost you time and a small inconvenience but your donation may save a life!

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Please think hard on this after all someday this could be you or a member of your family!

Families in need
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another family in need
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another AMRICAN in need
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Please do all you can,everyone can do something to help!

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been hit so hard by this disaster.