Sunday, October 22

Fucking Men

Tell me why would you call someone tell them how much you miss them... want to fix things with them and then come back to the states and bring your girlfriend with you??

That is what Rob does.


Saturday, October 21

Guess What!!!

Everything came in and the kitchen is almost done. So tomorrow I will post the picuters.


Wednesday, October 18

Lu's New Hair

We can sleep again Lu hair has been done!!!

Ok evil mom I know but this girl is serious about the hair. We stressed and look and stressed and looked for just the right style. I finally left her at the salon and asked my friend to drop her off since she was doing her hair and lin was her last appointment of the day.


Tuesday, October 17

Kitchen Update

I am about I would say 3/4 of the way done with the kitchen. I have to obstacles.

1. The damn border is on back order!

2. My impulse to pull off the paper really should have started at the BEGINING of Fall Break, now I am back to work and time is a definite issue!

Don't worry I did get some compelete and I do have pictures for you. See I do love you.

Now you knew I would have before pictures:

After(ignore the painting junk on the side):

This is pretty much the same view but it shows the carpet(which is machine washable thankyouverymuch!!)

This is the coffee area which as you can see is almost done just waiting on the border to arrive:

So that is it for now. Stay tuned for more. Hopefully very soon because I am sick of paint!


Wednesday, October 11

Couldn't Resist

I asked mom and dad to come over and give me their opinion on the wall paper. We have come to the conclusion that after primering over it, that it should be fine. So with that said we started ripping.

So now my walls are bare and tomorrow I am getting primer. I wish the border was already here so I could match the tan and get moving.

Here is Lin helping take the paper down.Yes she is on top of the frig. She is the only one small enough and she loved it!!

If I had the primer I would have painted tongiht. I also need to fix the ugly holes in the wall fron when we ran the cable through.

And buy the cable hider stuff to put on the walls.

I can't wait!!! Finally my kitchen will be done!


Me & My Shadow

I love playing with photo's . Here is a picture I took of Lin and her friend when they were cleaning the back door.

I titled it Me & My Shadow:

I thought it was cool!



I think I have finally found what I want to do with the kitchen. I am peeling paper slowly. I have found they didn't size the walls properly so the top of the paper came off no problem but the back stayed on, take a look:

anyway this is the border:

I want to use the same Red I used in the living room and then a lighter tan. I had 1 1/2 gallons of the red leftover because it covered so well. If it is off a little I will have dad help me put up some black molding between the paper and the red.

I'll keep you posted!


Saturday, October 7

Finally a Break

Fall break is finally here. I really need this if for no other reason just to catch up on my sleep. I have been so tired lately. I think the girls need it too. We can get caught up on things around the house and do some fun stuff. I still have classes but at least I am not coming home from work, which lately is exhausting and having to go straight to school.

One cool thing happened yesterday, I was invited to Join the Honor Society at school. I am sure they offer this to a lot of people but I honestly never thought my grades would be good enough to join. I really just wanted to pass and move on the next step. So YEAH me!

Rob will be coming back the following week for a two week visit with the girls. I hope they have a great time. They are so looking forward to seeing their dad. It will also help me out. I won't go into the guilt I feel every time I leave the girls and go to class. I do have to say I can see where the girls are maturing. The for the most part do their chores and others for me and that really helps.


Wednesday, October 4

Anything But MY Hair!!

That was one of Lindsey's comments Tuesday night...the other was "Why does this happen to me?!?". My mom gave Lu a neat little curling iron. The kind that is virtually burn yourself proof. It was not however, "Knot your hair with me proof" and you know Lu is a true blonde.

So I get in the truck after class and I have a voice message from home. No big deals I ALWAYS have voice messages from home when I leave class. This one I listened to twice. " Mom (in her little stressed voice) I was using the curling iron Memere' gave me and I thought it was like a normal iron and I like twisted my hair up in it like a normal iron and I kind a like got it stuck in my hair. Alyssa tried to help but its like really stuck so can you come home and get it out? Please hurry I want to wash my hair and straighten it for tomorrow and this like sucks walking around with this in my hair."

Ok how bad could it really be? We and I mean us women, have all in the name of beauty have done some really stupid things so this really on the scale of 1 - 10 is not that bad. Unless you are Lindsey and in this case you did it BAD!

First picture...Oh hell yes I took pictures:

Lindsey not happy I wanted a picture. I reminder her that this was one of MY my Kodak moments. This was after 30 mintues of trying to loosen it and it was no longer MOVING!

It took myself and my friend Katrina an hour to get this thing out. Katrina comes over 3 times a week to help me study math. Not tonight.

Picture #2:

This picture shows what is left of the iron once Katrina and I took it apart. There was NO way to get the hair out any other way.

Picture #3:

This was the last picture before we took the scissors out and Lu really began to get hysterical. I called Jen our hairdresser 3 times but she was not home. The next step was going to the bathroom...soaking her head in water(imagine she was willing to let me hold her head under water as long as I DIDN'T CUT THE HAIR) good thing for her I have a removable shower head so we could soak the hair with out sticking her head in a tub of water. WE added conditioner and we cut the bristles' into the tiniest of piece making sure of course NOT to cut ANY hair.

Any way we manage to free her, her head was a bit sore, and Liss was a little disappointed we didn't chop the hair but at any rate it was done.

I couldn't get a final picture for you all because HER HAIR WASN"T DONE!!!!


Sunday, October 1

Robert Rabidoux

My uncle passed yesterday.

Robert Norman Rabidoux passed away September 30, 2006. Bob was born on August 12, 1939 in Woonsocket, RI to the late Norman and Alice Rabidoux. He graduated from Mount St. Charles Academy and Tidewater Community College. He served his country for 20 years in the U. S. Navy and his service included assignments on submarines and destroyers, as well as being a Vietnam veteran.

He was an active member of the Church of the Ascension Catholic Church in Virginia Beach where he was an Eucharistic minister and served as a sponsor for Landings and RCIA.

A loving and devoted husband, father and grandfather, Bob is survived by his wife of 45 years, Jackie Rabidoux; his children and their families, David and Kim Rabidoux, Brenda and Del Slaughter, Karen and Tony Clements; his seven grandchildren, Tyler, Mason and Paige Rabidoux, Corbin and Sydney Slaughter, and Riley and Renny Clements; and one sister, Lucille Gould and her husband, Charles of Woonsocket, RI.

We all loved him very much and will miss him immensely.