Monday, April 24

How Does This Work?

I have moments of such sadness and I have my moments when I just can't breath. I'm fine then I can't breath and when I do I breath I start to cry and can't seem to stop...then, as quickly as it started it is over. I don't want to leave you all with the impression that I am uncontrollably sobbing but I would say at least 3 times a week now it happens. Better then every day right!

Today was a hard day. I went to the lawyers and then Rob told me that he received all his paper work and will leave around the 11th of June. The only good news about that is he should be here for Alyssa's graduation and her birthday. She made the comment last week that this was the first time in a few years her daddy will be here on her birthday. It was all I could do not to cry right there. Thank god mom was with me and changed the subject.

It seems just so unreal to me all of this. How does it happen that one day you just don't love someone you have loved them all your adult life? I just don't get it. How does this work?

He seems to think now we will be the best of friends and even closer. I don't think he gets can't walk out on someone and then be the best of friends...I'm pretty sure I am allowed a "I despise you and want to hang your balls on my review mirror" period.

Right now I am just hurt...and I'm worried about the girls and how things will be when he is gone. Gone and no longer my husband. I'm not sure how this will work since at the moment I still seem to be foolishly in love with him.


Saturday, April 22

Thank You Lindsey

I regularly go through the girl's side of the computer to see what they are doing when they think I am not looking! HAHA

Anyway I found this in Lindsey's "My Pictures" and I thought I would share the laugh.

Image hosting by Photobucket
I think its perfect!


Autism...Yes You Can Help

On April 29th I will be walking for Autism. For those who don't know it(where hell have you been??) I work with special needs children...mostly Autistic. I love my job not because of the pay( which trust me is minimal) but because of the children. They are smart, loving,(don't start me on the Hollywood version of Autistic children) and funny.

They also have major issues that stop them from reaching their full potential and cause so much frustration for them they can do nothing but melt down. Imagine not being able to tell people what you need.

Here is a small list of some disorders an Autistic child may have and they won't have just one of the disorders they will have all of most of them:

  • Speech Delay or inability to communicate

  • Sensory Sensitive

  • Seizures

  • Toileting problems such as constant diarrhea or constipation and delayed ability to toilet train

  • Sleep Problems

  • Pica(eating non food items such as paint, glue, dirt and so on)

  • Lower Muscle Tone

The list goes on and on.

So Next Saturday we walk and our special kids will walk with us. I guess you know what is coming next.

I am asking all of my friends and family for a donation of $5.00 to $10.00 dollars and to add a little pressure I will tell you that Alyssa donated $25.00 from her babysitting money. If you want to match her donation that would be great other wise please consider one of the other amounts. You can send the checks to me payable to the Autism Society of Alabama ,write "Farley Team" in the note area.

God blessed many of us with beautiful NORMAL children who will grow and move on with their lives. They will reach their potential and master goals in life. MANY of my special kids will never be able to just tap into a fraction of their potential or move on with out some one to help them every day of their life.

I know our lives are all full, but I am sure you all can spare at least a minute to write check for $5 - 10 dollars.


The Meter Is Full!

You know how in life there are little things that just set you off and other things you say "I am not letting this bother me in the scale of big things in life this is not even a 1." and you move on. By nature I am fairly easy going and if it is not something that will alter the course of my day or life I just let it roll off.

Not lately, lately even the little things can set me off and if I have an opinion on something you're likely to know it. We have lady at work whose bullshit I can usually ignore and move on. She likes to stir little pots here and there and then play both sides you know the type.

Friday, I had heard all I could from her and before I realized it I had told her what she could do with her opinion. It wasn't all that bad mostly "If you don't like how it goes feel free to adjust it yourself!" type thing, but it did bring me to realize that my bullshit meter is full.

So to all my friends and family I hope you will understand if at times...I get a little short with's not because I am really all that upset with you it's jsut the meter is full.


Wednesday, April 19

A Beautiful Person

The last year has been a up hill battle to say the least, one thing I do often is a just try to find a quiet moment to count the blessings I have. I also have this poem on my frig and I read it often.

I wanted to share it with you:

A Beautiful Person

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.
If he had a wallet, your photo would be in it.
He sends you flowers every spring.
He sends you a sunrise every morning.
Whenever you want to talk, he listens.
He can live anywhere in the universe, but he chose...your heart.

Face it friend...he is crazy about you!!

God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but he did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

I hope you print this out and place it on your frig like I did.


Sunday, April 16


I need to remind those of you who live here in town with me that the girls do not know Rob is leaving and he is still living in the house with us. Rob and I are seeing a counselors to best work out the words and way to tell the girls. So please remember to watch what you say and who is there when you say it.



Over the past few days I have found that the girls and I are very blessed. All the love and support we have received has at times been so overwhelming I may have forgotten to say thank you to all of you. If I forgot to thank you please know I did appreciate you calls and words of support.

We wish you all a very blessed Easter.


Saturday, April 8

Wind, Rain and Hail?

Yesterday was a weather day here, we had some serious storms pass through. They closed school at 1pm, honestly we could have completed the day but I understand the precaution.

The really bad weather didn't come through till about 6:30pm but once it arrived it was serious. I was really worrying about mom and dad since most of the bad weather seemed to be headed towards them (they live in the northern area of town). Then another storm came through right behind it and headed for us (we live southern area of town).

It hit fast and hard with wind,down pours,and hail. Nothing like sitting in a closet listening to hail hit your house. It was loud and frightening! As the hail hit reports of a tornado just north of us was being announced. We just sat listening for the rumble...thank god all we heard was lightening.

Once it was all over I went and snapped a few photos:
This is the back yard about 20 min after the hail fell, we waited for the rain to slow down and the news to say we could come out, by this time the hail had already started to melt. Imagine how large it was when it fell.

another of the backyard

Here I am holding two balls of hail

This was a major storm. Here are more photos take from other areas that this storm passed through:

Storm Gallery 1
Storm Gallery 2
Storm Gallery 3

In all we were very fortunate no one was hurt and we were all safe together.