Thursday, March 29

Happy Birthday Lindsey Lu!!!

Today Lindsey Lu is 13!!!

Happy Birthday Lu!!


Friday, March 23

Number 13

On Thursday Lin will be 13 which I find a little difficult to believe. I think we have decided on a party here at the house. She is wanting a boy-girl party...we will see Jeff has already volunteered to ride shotgun over it with me good man that he is. My god boy-girl party? Excatly what happens at a boy-girl party? Lin and I will be working those details out. I know that conversation will be priceless!!


Saturday, March 17


We all know the power of prayer, would you please add the following people to your daily prayers.

My grandmother Janette, she hasn't been dealing with some serious health problems we believe attached to her bout with breast cancer 5 years ago.

My friend Norene's mother Flora. She is currently in the hospital recovering and my friend Jamison's father who is in the hospital as well.


Old Friend & Spring Break

Last night I went to dinner with my old friend from Homefront Six.I had a wonderful time, the kids are growing like crazy and are adorable. It was great to visit with them. I think it is wonderful that you can meet someone online, share your life with them and when you see them you are just old friends!

We are officially on "Spring Break". Can I get a WAHOO!!!!! I have no really plans but to just kick back and go when the mood strikes me. I am getting the urge to plant and fix the yard up. I may buy some spring flowers for out front and start getting ready for the REAL spring weather!

Have a great Sping break every one and remember What happens on Spring Break stays at spring break!!!


Thursday, March 15

Remember These?

I really don't have a lot to update about right now. I was talking with a friend and decied to post this link. Seems these are some of my best blogger moments:

For your own safety and the protection of your equipment I would not recommend drinking or eatting while ready these!


Saturday, March 10

What Kind of Question is That?

I am sure I have mentioned several times that I really enjoy most of the people I work with. They make me smile and I enjoy their company. On my lunch break I try to find a nice relaxing place to go and regroup. Lately I have been going to the break room. I really like the people who are in there and we laugh.

Last week one of my co-workers asked me a question that just kind of made think "Who asks someone this?" She asked me "Have you noticed any men checking you out lately?". What kind of question is this? Who answers that with " Oh yes many!!

First of all to say yes just sound so vain to me and second maybe some one is and if you said yes wouldn't that leave the door open for them to then ask "Really who?" and what if you just don't want to share that!

I replied "NO" which some how left the door open for something along the line of "You know it is ok to date..." and something else I just can't recall. I did reply that I was "particular who I went out with" and I am I won't just go to dinner or out for lemonade because I was asked. I have to really see something in that person that says "Yeah I want to know you a little better."

She is a nice person I just wonder what she is going to say next.


Thursday, March 8


My friend Erik has a new blog called "Empowerment" he quoted one of my favorite quotes:

Stop by and say hi to Erik, I think it will become one of your favorite daily stops I know it will be one of mine!


Sunday, March 4

The Music

Music has a very special effect on me especially when I am just takes me to a place I can focus. Every morning I get up have my coffee, read the news all while listening to my favorite songs. It just helps to center me for my day.

One of my class assignments this week was to write about a song that insipires or motivtes me. Easy assignment and I have been trying all weekend to pick just one, but it just can't seem to. I find it really ironic that such an easy assignment can give me just a diffcult time. I think a part of the problem is I am a romantic and many of the songs I love are related to romace.

I have nowrrowed the list down to these(if you hit the link you can read the lyrics):
1."If You Believe" by Racheal Lampa. It is a romantic song but what I like best is I agree sometimes you just have to beleive for your dreams to come true.

2."One of These Days"by Tim McGraw. Besides the fact that Tim sings it ( thank you god for that hahaha) This song to me talks about how you have to learn to love yourself to have peace and happiness in your life which is something I really believe.

3. "Never Gonna Break My Faith" by Mary J. Blige with Aretha Franklin. Ok now anything with Aretha is gold for me. I just adore her. I hope you really read the lyrics to this song...they will speak a truth to you. NO matter how much someone tries they cannot break you because God is with you. Just typing this I have picked my song.

Take a minute and email your favorite song and why. I would love to listen to them. Who knows I may find a new favorite and you know me I love ALL music.


Saturday, March 3


I have a friend who I will not OUT here(because I still love you) who so lovingly has told me I need to get more romace in my life! HAHAHAHA!!! She keeps sending me eamils about how to "Improve the Romance in My Life" Muuuahahahahahahahaha! Yes I am laughing at you!!! Romance?? Hell I was married to Mr. Do NOT TOUCH,LOOK, OR BREATH NEAR ME! For a long time girl!!!

I really have been getting a lot of this lately and not just from one friend. Alyssa and my mom both told me and I quote: "You need to go out and get your groove on!!" Let me ask you all do you know if you still have "A Groove"? HAHAHA no I am joking. Really stop shaking your heads at me dammit!!!

One questions I have gotten no lie 4 times this week in email was "what is your idea of a romantic evening?" So I will tell you and since more then one of my friends is sending me emails with this question in it I am just going to answer you all here... wait Mom X out now!!

Mom...your still there X OUT NOW!!!


I do have what I think is the perfect romantic eveing but I will just keep that to myself because it isn't perfect if you tell everyone.

Hey I love you all for trying to help Gail-Ann find her "groove" but really she didn't lose it she just had it locked up for a little while. It's still there I promise!! :o)


Friday, March 2

I Remember You!

You know that moment when you look in the mirror and you say..," Hey I remember you!!" it feels good doesn't it:o)

For so many years I have felt that I didn't know who I was anymore. I was the girls mom, or Rob's wife....and I lost me. I use to LOVE who I was. I to be totaly honest for the past 5 years I have been just lost and looking for me. The fun me, Gail that loved to be alone, laugh. go out and just do whatever. I didn't laugh like I use to and I haven't loved myself like I should have. I spent much of those five years trying to figure out why my marriage was such a painful, ugly place, and what was so wrong with me that he could just stop loving me, I wasted so much time.

I have spent much of my life trying to make everyone happy doing what I felt everyone wanted me to do. Now I am living my life for me. I can't worry anymore what people think about what I do or who I do it with. The past few months I started to see me again. Not Alyssa and Lindsey's mom, or Rob's Gail-Ann who loves who she is and what she is doing.

People will judge you no matter what you do...and life is just to short to waste time on trying to make everyone happy. I look in the mirror now and I say..."I remember you, I thought you were lost forever, I'm glad you came back!"

"You don't get to choose how you're going to die, or when. You can only decide how you're going to live now."