Tuesday, August 30


She proved to be scary around 1 am & I wanted my MOMMY!!!! I am hoping this is the last storm I have to deal with ALONE for a long time.


Monday, August 29

Little Things or NOT

I do believe it is the little things in life that mean the most. Things like…

-My brother calling to make sure we were in fact still here. Katrina (now a tropical storm) is dumping on us right now. BITCH!! Anyway, it is nice to know the family still cares.


-Putting your shirt on and realizing you actually did get the tag in the back on the first try.

Uhm…I think my life needs a little more excitement that or I need a good roll in the hay!!!! Then again if it is the roll in the hay….it’s the BIG things in life that count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAH I crack myself up…that or I am cracking up!!!


Sunday, August 28

Pictures of This & That

This year Lin is playing the Saxophone. She is too cute with it.

I think the sax's is bigger then she is!
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She had to play for ya!
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My house is now filled with the sounds of music. Lyssa on her clarinet and Lin on the sax’,. Günter is begging to go outside for at least 30 min. HAHAHA

Rob sent the girls each a very pretty necklace form Saudi. On one side it has their name in English and on the back in Arabic. They LOVED them.

In english
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Arabic version
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I have more pictures of little things I have added to my bathroom.

Basket and soap dispencer
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The last one, I found it at Hobby Lobby, it was perfect I just had to stain it.

Q-tip Holder
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My Girls

The girls are doing great in school and most days at home. I love the fact that I can check their grades online and we seem to be in a good routine at home.

This year Lissa and I talked and we are trying the year with out meds. So far she is doing great. If she starts to decline we will go back on them. I just have to let her try without it. She hates how they make her feel sometimes and the doctor said if she can do with out it then by all means try.

Lin is just the social butterfly. So much now I have had to put the hour rule back into effect. The hour rule is this…no calls or friends at the house for one hour after school. We get a chance to talk and unwind together with out interruption and this way all homework gets done.

Now Lin and I have had a few battles this week. They are usually about getting up. She can go to bed at 7pm and still not be able to get up when I wake her. That is usually our biggest battle, although, we have a new battle playing out this year. I knew it was coming but please at 11?

Here is the latest:

Lin:” Momma can I please wear make-up all my friends are wearing make- up.”

Me:”No, your too young.’

Lin:”But momma I am the only one who isn’t wearing mascara and eye liner!!!”

Me:”Good then you will stand out and everyone will notice your beautiful skin.”

Lin:(whining and you all know how much I love whining)”Momma it isn’t fair!!!! (Yelling in protest)WHY CAN’T I WEAR MAKE-UP!!”

Me:”(eye brow raised)” Are you doing drugs?? You must be to think you’re going to sit here and whine and yell at me!!! Lin your grounded go to bed!

Lin:(Crying) “ Why do I always get grounded!!! I just want to be like my friends!!”

Lyssa:(from her room)”Because your friends don’t live here and you need to be an individual. Besides yelling at mom you lucky you can still walk!!

My god at least one of them is hearing me!!

11 year olds wearing eyeliner and mascara? Give me a break!



The van is now back home at the price of around $400.00 bucks thankyouverymuch!

The truck has been checked and is now running on rotated tires and clean oil. They were "unable to duplicate the tailgate problem" (big shock right) but they did replace the lock just for good measure,

The dishwasher is toast and after 5 phone calls the insurance company is going to replace it. ALL they need from me is the measurements. Measurements being, height, width, and depth of our current dishwasher. Now the height and width was a piece of cake…the width…hahahahahahaha they told me to are you ready pull the old dishwasher out for a proper measurement! Pull it out you have to love their sense of humor. Now I know you understand what 3 of those 5 calls were about. I believe one of my comments to perky insurance agent was “ Are you all on crack??”

Anyway I will be making a trip to Loews to measure dishwashers, I measured my cabinet that is the best I can do.

My grandmother’s funeral was Thursday. Mom and dad are on their way home now. Mom said it was a very nice service but the reception was something she will have to tell me about when she has been home and had time to rest. You gotta love family!


Sunday, August 21

Good Stuff

There has been so much going on the past few days I didn’t post Lindsey’s first dance. She went Friday night and had a blast…of course. She is my social butterfly.

Now you knew there would be at least one picture!

I don't know what the deal is with the hats but they just had to wear them.
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I like them so much more with out the hats.
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Alyssa is in this stage where some of her friends are trying the Goth thing When we went to get her hair done she wanted black streaks...yeah right. Much to her dismay mom isn’t letting that play here. The closet she is getting is this t-shirt.

Alyssa sporting her new favorite shirt..
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Work is finally settling down and a routine seems to be in place. It is so much better then our first week. Thank god I couldn’t have done that again. I start school tomorrow. I have the same teacher as last time so it will be a great class.


Saturday, August 20

Is It Friday the 13th??

I had to check the calendar several times today. I just knew it was Friday the 13th and no one told me. But no in fact it is Saturday, the 20th. You could have fooled me.

So far today I had the van towed to the dealer…the list of things I have asked them to check and fix is just too much to type.

I just placed a request for service on my dishwasher. Seemed it decided it was the right time to leak ALL over the kitchen floor and make horrible CLUNK, CLUNK sounds. (for a minute I thought the van was in the house)

As I am typing this the refrigerator made this god-awful sound like a HUGE groan as if it were in pain…. I’m thinking my decision last week to go and do a REAL grocery shop may have been a HUGE error in judgment.

And to top it all off I have a cough from hell and my head feels like it weights 100 pounds. School has been in 2 weeks and I am already sick. If I take anymore-immune boosters or victims I will need a license.

I talked to my mom and my parents are leaving tomorrow for Rhode Island. She thinks my grandmother’s funeral will be Wednesday. Right now there is now way I can go.

Thank you all for the prayers, calls, emails, and loving words. It helps more then you know.


Friday, August 19

February 11, 1911- August 19, 2005

My grandmother passed away this evening,she was 94.

She is now with her beloved Alfred.

Please keep my mother and her family in your prayers.


Tuesday, August 16

My day?

Just freaking shoot me!!

…and yours?


Saturday, August 13

First Week Blues

I have had the first week of school blues. I miss my old class. Seeing them come in getting my hugs…I really loved working with that class.

Now I am getting to know our new class. They are a great group of kids…. it is just hard to learn everyone’s ticks not to mention were they are academically. We have a much higher functioning class this year, which is exciting, but we just didn’t have the materials for them we really wanted.

I am also working with a new person, the old group kind of knew when to step in and not too. She just has to learn too. But I get so frustrated at some of the things she does. I think maybe I just need to chill some and let her work out some things on her own.

I also miss not having my girls with me. This is the first time none of the girls are at my school. Seems a little lonely with out them. They both seem to have adjusted well to school, which makes me very happy.

This weekend I need to work on my time management at home. I had a really difficult time this week keeping up with chores and all. When school starts for me on the 22nd I will even less time so I need to get this worked out this week

I cried ever night I just felt so overwhelmed this past week.

I am hoping next week will run a bit smoother both in the class and at home.


Friday, August 12

Back to School

Alyssa first day of school...with her new hair cut. As you can see she was less then thrilled about going back. I have to agree I think I could have used a few more weeks off.
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Lindsey after her first day of school, she had a blast ...little miss social just can't get enough. Of course her new hair cut and highlights were the talk of the day!
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Last night at the Enlisted Spouses Club meeting I received a scholarship for school. I am so excited I now have enough money for 3 more classes I start back the 22nd.


Friday, August 5

Final Grade

Math has never been an easy subject for me. The last time I took a math class that wasn’t accounting I failed miserably. It was so bad my teacher told me I should take accounting because I didn't have what it took to retake the class I failed.

When I decided to go back to school I took a placement test , all my scores where great but one.


Out of 100 I got a 21.

I can’t explain how that made me feel.

I decided that if I was going back I might as well start with my lowest score and most difficult subject so I took math.

I took my final Tuesday, it was a lot tougher then I had anticipated. I called the professor last night to get my grade and I got a 100!!!

My final grade for the semester 100!

I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. I am taking math again this Semester and I am sure this time I won’t be in the bath getting ill before my first class.

I can’t believe I got 100!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 3

…And it starts!

-yesterday I came home from work and the cable was off. They had me down for shut off. WHy? Non-paymetn mind you I called them last week to find out if they had recieved my last payment because the check was the only one outstanding in my checkbook. Nope never called back like they said they would. The girl was very nice and it was cleared up quickly.

-Today I came home for lunch and there was no power in the living room. Some how the circuit cut off.

-I came home from work this evening and the air wasn’t working...called that in.

- Decided to vacuum the house before Günter’s hair takes over(I have to vacuum EVERY day or the hair wins.)the vacum is no longer with us. It has passed on...guess sometime between work and Opne Houses I will get a new vacum.

I count four…that means I should be safe with one to spare!

It needs to end here.