Friday, June 30

Happy Birthday To Me

Next Saturday is my birthday and last night I bought myself a present.Everyone who knows me knows I am not a big jewelry person but I have always wanted a Black Mystic Fire Topez I love the colors, and really I never knew the real name of the stone till last night when I saw this one:

My ring has deeper tones and more colors...its beautiful and it will be back from sizing in time for my birthday. It is so unlike me to just buy a ring but I decided I was worth it!


Thursday, June 29

Wax On, Wax ...OUCH!..Oh Shit!

Tuesday when I bought Lin the Veet to try they had a small sample for face hair which I snatched up. Lets face it I'm a woman in her forties and I'm Italian...face hair is a fact of life, and I'm not talking the nice soft dainty face hair I'm talking industrial strength ok!

Any way...

Today I got a call from one of my special guys dad to ask if I could pick him up from summer school. I was more then willing since I haven't seen him in a while and I called my Katie's mom to see if we could make it a lunch date to McDonalds they LOVE McDonalds. So we were set for lunch.

Hurry do my shower and was very happy with my new Intuition Razor I strongly recommend it. Hey it's all about the hair in this house be it on your head, arm pits, legs, or face! So, I look in the mirror while brushing my teeth and think "my god look at that mustache! Then I remember the NEW Veet hair remover sample. Joyfully I get it out read the directions and think HA! Piece of cake.

Check my time...doing good. Place the wax on my lip following directions then I RIP it off! Not pulling up, pulling to the side only, per the directions. I look at the strip...lip stinging, nothing...check closer...nothing...look in the mirror the wax is STUCK to my upper lip....on top of the hair!!!

PANIC sets in , look at the clock, 15 min till I have to leave, where did I put the damn directions! Never mind I will just wash the wax off. Place face scrub on top of the wax...OMG THE PAIN...the soap is now STUCK to the wax. Notice directions on the through the tears, "DO NOT USE SOAP TO REMOVE EXCESS WAX! Use face wipe provided."

Face wipe?

What Face wipe? I never saw anything that said FACE WIPE!

OMG I am going to have to go and pick my guy at special needs summer school with wax and soap stuck to my face, not to mention the puffy ,red upper lip from when I tried to remove the strip . I know people there...I'll see parents of students I work with there! The kids will be traumatized!!

Breathe Gail...panic does no one any good! Trace your steps, maybe I left it on the bed when I opened the package. Walk out...Gunter gives me this look cocking his head side ways then leaves the room I swear I heard him giggle when he left!

I found the ALL IMPORTANT face wipe on the floor by my bed. And thank you god it worked like a charm...not sure if it was supposed to burn like that or if it was the added soap. At any rate my lip seems to have returned to normal and I used the Intuition to remove the left over hair. I'm pretty sure the one TEENY TINY spot that the wax did work on will NEVER be capable of growing hair again.

I am done with wax...I hear NAIR has a new face hair remover. A cream of some kind...I'll let you know how that goes.


Wednesday, June 28


Took Lin to the doctor yesterday, she has a "very good case" of poison ivy along with a mystery rash. They tested her for strep just to make sure and then put her on prednisone. Not my favorite drug of choice but at this time the rash had quickly moved up her body to her face, which caused great panic for Diva Lindsey. One of the side effect of prednisone is making you grumpy...great not only does she have a rash all over her body that itches to high heaven, she is on a drug that makes her grumpy, oh and she is pre-PMS! Thank god I am already medicated.

By the way we went to Walmart to fill her prescription wandered around picked up dog food, milk, other necessary items and the script was still not ready, nice older lady behind the counter says "oh it won't be much longer why not just have a seat here" ,so we sit and I am adding up what is in the cart when Lin says " Mom what does ribbed for more pleasure mean?" I said "WHAT?" she point to the display in front of us. You got it every condom you could think of right there in front of us on a NICE BIG DISPLAY! Thank god Lin is a true blonde...I looked at her and said" Hey look Veet didn't you want to try that...go check the price!"Add another $7.00 to my total thank you very much!And moved seats the Preparation H display which was much easier to explain...I just reminded her of her grandparents conversation last Christmas!


Monday, June 26

" My Is That a ... a...a Penis?"

So poor Lindsey didn't make it to camp, she had poison ivy then she broke out in a rash all over her lower body. I called the doctor today and she has an appointment for tomorrow ( or today depending on when you read this).

When I came home from class I was patting her down with Aveeno when I noticed the rash has now moved from her lower body to her upper body...and arms. So being the internet P.I , I am ,I decided to look up "Childhood Rashes" on Google.

I was snapping on pictures Lindsey looking over my shoulder commenting on each photo.."that is nothing like mine....oh MY GOD what is that??? I don't have that." So there I was popping on pictures when all of a sudden there it first it wasn't sure what I thought " Is that a finger? Baby's arm maybe? Then it hit me HOLY SHIT ITS A PENIS!!". There stood Lindsey looking at me...Slowly she turns away and she says" My god I think I maybe scared for life!" and walks glassy eyed out of the room.

At first I thought how did this happen then it hit me...if that was a childhood rash on a child God bless him that was SOME child. I can still hear Lindsey in the other room..."my god why me?.

If she didn't need therapy before tonight she will now...and this time when she says "It's because of something my mother showed me when I was child" it will be true. And so ends my medical rash P.I. days. But I have to tell you I wonder what that kids father does for a living...he has to be in movies if you know what I mean!


Saturday, June 24

Full Circle

Lindsey leaves for camp on Monday morning. This trip is so different form last year, last year we both had so much anxiety about her going, her first time away from home and I spent the week so stressed worrying if she was ok. This time we are preparing and there is no worry or stress. It is as if we have come full circle. Its wonderful to see how much we have both grown in the past year.

I also find it a little ironic that in some ways I am still in the same situation in my personal relationship with him there and me here once again. At least this time my eyes are more open to the truth. So maybe I have grown some in the past year. It reminds me of a quote :" Change is constant, growth is optional, choose wisely" I hope I have chosen wisely.


Friday, June 23


That is all I can think when I look at this picture. How did they get this grown?


The Week

My week has been ok, I had a test on Monday which I got an 85 on. I'll take it...much better then last time. I really like this teacher so I have already registered for my next class with him. Precalculus Algebra god help me.

Lindsey has a case of poison ivy, good thing she looks good in pink with all the calamine I have put on her. Alyssa is doing good. I have been trying to get her out of the house more. She loves her room.

It is so good to have mom and dad here. I feel so much less alone. I know I have a great many wonderful friends who have been so wonderful to me but there is nothing like having your mom and dad around.

Rob called I wish I could say things are getting better there but honestly I don't see a happy ending. I truly believe that what he really wanted was to leave the marriage and go on with his life. Guess he can tell himself he is doing what is best since he lives in his own private world. Too bad he isn't face to face with the pain he is causing the rest of us. But hey he got the "BIG JOB" so I guess that is all that mattered.

I won't lie I am still the fool in love but slowly I am recovering. I just keep looking at my girls and know I got the best out of it. I know there will be a day when I won't have this aching in my stomach and I will feel like me agian.

One day at a time is all anyone can do. Right?


Sunday, June 18

Fathers Day

I spent a very nice evening with my dad. I made his favorite tacos for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert. Then we watched the worst movie I've seen in a while called "The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada".

Bad movie and all it was a great evening.


Sunday, June 11

From Daddy With Love!

Look what my daddy made me!!!!

Its more beautiful in person. I showed him a picture a few months ago and wham there it is.

Mom came home with me to help me get it set up and she helped me clean...god I love having my parents here!!!


Rob Left Today

And that is all that needs to be said there.


Saturday, June 10

Prayers Needed

I am asking for you all to say a prayer for 4 family members. It happens that all 4 of them have been struck by cancer. They are all wonderful people that we love with all our hearts and we have watched suffer with this horrible disease.

My Uncle Bob, who I told you about in August 2004 is not doing well. He has brain cancer and Hospice is now with him. Please say a prayer to give his family the courage they will need to help him.

My grandmother who fought breast cancer 5 years ago has relapsed and they have found more in her breast. She is in her 80's and this will be a very difficult struggle. Please pray for the strength we will all need to help her.

Rob's Aunt Ann has been diagnosed with throat cancer and they started Chemo yesterday. Please pray for her to have the strength she will need to battle this disease, and her family the ability to comfort and support her.

On Saturday my friend Andrea is getting married. Her father was diagnosed last Dec with stomach cancer, and has been fighting like a true warrior. She just found out yesterday that because he has to have his last round or radiation on Monday he will not be able to attend the wedding and give her away. They are a very loving and close family and this has been hard for them all. His prognosis is very good and we all thank God for that daily. Please say a prayer they will have the strength on her wedding day and that his last round of Chemo will go as smoothly as possible and he will be in full recover from now on.


Friday, June 9

Happy 14th Alyssa

Happy 14th Birthday Alyssa!!!

Here she is my beautiful 14 year old!


Tuesday, June 6


Sunday I put Alyssa on a bus for High School Camp with a local church here. I won't lie and tell you all she went willingly. She protested till the end! I just felt she needed to go and meet new people and do something besides sitting in the house in her PJ's watching TV.

This is the first time she has ever been to camp or away from me other then the 2 weeks the girls spent with mom and dad last year in Florida.

I miss her something horrible. I hope she is having a great time.


Saturday, June 3

The Process

Daily it seems I am being drained emotionally. Yesterday they packed up all his things and today we set up separate accounts, worked out most of the details on who pays what with what account. At the end I was sobbing. And it wasn't that he left me with bills it was just the hollow feeling of separating our lives. Knowing the dreams and hopes we had for us and our future is gone.

It is just a heartbreaking painful process. I wonder when he leaves if it will really get easier? I know I will go on and get past this but at the moment I just keep reminding myself to keep breathing.


Thursday, June 1

Not Little Anymore

As of today there are no more "Little Girls" living in this house. We are all now by natures doing "young ladies".

PSSSTT...don't tell her I told you, Lin is less then thrilled!!! That makes two of us!